CAISOB 2012 Tacoma Overland Build

Yesterday, I ran power to the bed for a couple of projects. First, I installed a set of lights for the bed. Instead of going under the rail, I mounted them to the bedrack.

Next, I added a power bank in the bed, including switched USB outlets & voltmeter and a constant on 12v plug. You can see the push button switch for the bed lights in the upper right below.

After, I loaded up the truck and went camping up in Daytona. I was supposed to do 2 nights, but a 70% chance for rain and temp projections in the 40's made me rethink that.

Here are some pics from the campsite, as well as a few from around Tiger Bay State Forest and Tomoka WMA.

This was on a portion of the old Pershing Highway, a brick road built in 1917 to connect DeLand to Daytona Beach.

On one of the trails out in Tomoka WMA. I got some exploring in, but not as much as I would have liked. There were a lot of hunters out there and I made sure to do everything I could to not disturb their hunts.

A couple of twisted trees. Their trunks are almost parallel. Very strange.
How do you like the Trasharoo on your tailgate? Can you use it with the gate open or only closed?
I like it. I'll be happier when I get my new rear bumper with swingout tire carrier though. With the tailgate down, the bag is horizontal, but you can still toss trash in there. I haven't had anything fall out, unless it is getting close to being full.
So, after doing my winch install and relocating my lightbar, I found that the lightbar was trying to communicate with aliens.


I replaced it with 3x 12" bars

I like that it is lighter than a plate bumper. The Pelfreybilt unit is pretty stout and well built. I did opt for synthetic line, which might not be the best for Florida (sand can degrade the fibers), but I like the weight savings and plan on washing the line regularly. Plus, I've had winches with steel rope before and the salt in the air here wreaks havoc on it.

I looked at other winch mounting options as well (US Offroad & SOS Streamline in particular). Ultimately, I went with the one with the lowest cost and quickest delivery timeline (Pelfreybilt had the unit in stock, ready to ship).
So, after all a considerable amount of internal debate, I decided that my best long term camping solution would be either a RTT or a good ground tent. With my tax refund pending, I was leaning more towards a ground tent since I would have felt more comfortable mounting a RTT on a professionally built bed rack than on my unistrut rack. While looking at and researching Kodiak Flex Bows, a fellow Tacomaworld member mentioned he was considering selling his rack and tent. We talked a bit, and when the time came he was ready to sell and I was ready to buy. I ended up scoring an AllPro rack and Smittybilt Overlander tent for a screaming deal.

I mounted my Amazon awning and reconfigured my camping light pods to work with the new rack, and I'm pretty happy with the finished result.
by lmarshall73, on Flickr

by lmarshall73, on Flickr
A handful of updates. The swingout on the rear bumper obstructed the reverse camera (well, the spare tire did), so I relocated the camera using a bracket from @pelfreybilt . I also added a set of OEM style roof racks from eBay, then cobbled together some lengths of unistrut that I had laying around to attach my Plano case and traction boards to it. I also mounted a set of LCA skids from 4xInnovations and IFS and mid skids from SOS Offroad Concepts. I've got a transfer case skid from SOS as well that I will be mounting soon.

Roof Rack:
by lmarshall73, on Flickr
by lmarshall73, on Flickr

SOS IFS skid and 4xInnovations LCA skids
by lmarshall73, on Flickr

SOS mid skid
by lmarshall73, on Flickr
Got my Trasharoo mounted on the spare tire. I had to order some webbing hardware since I had trimmed the straps (like a dummy) when I was hanging it from my tailgate. If you need webbing or slides, has my vote. I ordered on Thursday and it was the package was in my mailbox at 11am this morning. From Oregon to Florida. Not too shabby! I also dodged some showers and got my SOS transfer case skid mounted up, then went to play on a couple of local trails. After that, I headed to a parking lot to do a chalk test. I had been putting it off until I had all of the armor mounted. I ended up at 40psi in the fronts and 30psi in the rears, which seems a little low for all the weight I'm carrying...

by lmarshall73, on Flickr
by lmarshall73, on Flickr
by lmarshall73, on Flickr
by lmarshall73, on Flickr
by lmarshall73, on Flickr
by lmarshall73, on Flickr