Camp-N-See rooftop tent


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A company called Zealand LLC has introduced a rooftop tent that can also be used as a viewing platform. The product is called Camp-N-See.

The Camp-N-See storage unit mounts on a roof rack, with a ladder down the back.


When it's time to set up, support legs pivot out from the side of the platform. An extension to the floor slides out over the hood of the vehicle, and has its own support legs. This creates a large platform capable of holding 2000 lbs, according to Zealand LLC.


A tent can be attached to the platform


The unit can be set up independent of the vehicle, creating a base camp that can be left behind while you use the vehicle to explore.

The Camp-N-See is available in several sizes, suitable for trailers, ATVs (!), SUVs, pickup trucks, even motorhomes. No prices were announced.

Lear more at the company web site,


Near sea shore what a great Idea have a Balcony ....CARE ALL UP , and afther 6 hours of sleep bring back all to car ..what a ruin weekend
I wish i know if can stand a wind .....but Idea Great
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A couple of questions come to mind about the Camp-N-See.

First, it doesn't look like the vehicle tailgate can be opened with the Camp-N-See ladder in place. Maybe a Suburban with barn doors would be best?

Second, I don't see how the Camp-N-See can be leveled independent of the vehicle. When camping in an unimproved campsite, you'd have to level the truck first, then set up the tent.

Third, I have some doubts about how stable the tent would be in a strong wind. Ditto the legs that stabilize the platform.

Fourth, the Camp-N-See looks heavy. Factory roof racks are not rated to carry much weight.

Fifth, I can't tell if the tent for the Camp-N-See is stored inside the platform for travel, or if it has to be stored inside the vehicle.


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I don't know why. Maybe it's that time of year, but that thing has Burning Man written all over it to me. :sombrero:


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I don't know...

The tent in the picture looks like a pc. of crap...

The blonde in the pictures looks HOT!!


I don't know...
The tent in the picture looks like a pc. of crap...

The blonde in the pictures looks HOT!!

That a Maine Key of advertisement , purchase several thousand junk on top of your car and remember the Blonde in commercial !:wings:


That looks like the real deal for race fans. I can think of several motorsports venues that I would like to have one of these for.


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Well it may not be the best excecution of an interesting idea..
however I gotta say that at least we are part of a growing market segment with lots of creative movement.
Best of all there is always room for improvement on this idea to make it something worth buying.


A question that wasn't asked...

how long does it take to set up and brake down ?

It looks like a giant RTT with an optional balcony.... not sure what I'd need one for but it's a great execution of a poor idea. Seems like the brain behind this one is going to waste.


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I saw this product a while before it was posted here. First thing I did was laugh at it, to be honest, (as I am sure others do about my RTT). I can see the uses for hunting and general tailgating / sports, however I think that there is little application to the overland niche.


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To be fair to Camp-N-See, their web site shows camping as one of several
applications. It's not marketed as an adventure travel accessory, but rather
as a viewing platform for hunters and sports fans.

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