Camper and Truck Photos

How do you find it getting in and out of the camper with the bike on it?
Piece of cake, I have the bike carrier on a hitch extension that raises it up 4 inches and back about 8. I adapted this aluminum "deck" that also has a fold down step. with our dogs we usually put up a folding ramp for them to get in and out.

Flatbed FWC Hawk

Great thread and I have a long way to go yet to review it.

Thought I’d go ahead and post up my project. Still have a few kinks to work out but pretty stoked so far.



Here are a few more from our annual Desert Trip earlier this summer. We had 5 full-size trucks, 2 with popup campers and K5 Blazer being the smallest rig. Next year the K5 and the Power Wagon will also be sporting popups as well. Zoomad, the K5 owners, just recently picked up a Rowe FWC K5 Blazer camper from the 80’s and refurbishing it.

San Rafael Swell Devil’s Racetrack and Eva Conover loop. This loop is no joke. Funny, the truck crawled right up this unit it stopped. If I had my front locker it probably would have kept going

Even ended up on the hook for about 4”. Longer wheelbases were definitely to the advantage of the longer trucks in this spot

Camp on Devil’s Racetrack. Man, it was windy this day! As the crow flies we were probably less than 10 miles from I-70 but it took all day to get here from the time we left pavement. Pretty intense trail

We actually didn't even know the trails name until the next day when we found this sign at the other end

This is the Eva Conover section I believe. 2 straight days of this terrain keeps the riffraff out. It didn’t look like anybody had been on this trail in a long time. Not a single tire track to be found anywhere. Definitely not a Subaru or Westfalia trail. In fact, probably not an idea trail for most truck campers either

Second night camped in Moab as we a couple trucks had wounds that needed licking. The Devil’s Racetrack cost the K5 Blazer a front axle stub, the Power Wagon lost a Duratrac and the other white Dodge lost a Duratrac as well. Lots of tire slashing rocks out on the Devil’s Racetrac! The tire shop in Moab was able to get their tires by the next day and a local 4x4 shop had a Dana 44 stub shaft in stock. We were all fixed up and back on the trail well before lunch the next day. I changed the axle stub for Rob with a hammer and a rock at camp....didn't even drop a u-joint roller bearing. LOL... Luckily my truck came out of Devil’s Racetrack unscathed other than a smashed rear shackle that still needs to be fixed

Third night, Beef Basin

Fourth night, a super secret spot. It’s a secret because not sure where it is other than it is an offshoot from the Hole in the Rock Trail somewhat close to Halls Crossing Marina

Last night, nothing special just a layover at Hovenweep before rolling back home to Colorado. The other trucks headed to their homes in CA and AZ

Next year the Power Wagon should be sporting a new Phoenix and the K5 will have the FWC remodel done. Here is the K5 camper as he was unloading it for the remodel after picking it up in Denver. It is coming together nicely! Rob and I will probably paint the camper and K5 at the same time next summer. Original Doeskin tan of course.
You guys are nuts! I did that on my moto last year so I know what you went through!