Camper and Truck Photos


Shellshock, do you know the name of that Nemo awning?
It makes for a great set-up.
Did you purchase it recently?

The reason I ask is because they're awesome, but I haven't been able to locate them anywhere on the Nemo website (leading me to believe it may have been discontinued).
No, you would not find them on the NEMO website. these were/are accessory items for the AT Habitat. you could check with AT to see if available


PNW Off-Road & Expedition
That's a tight clearance between the cab and camper.
Setup spent its early days all over Baja and SoCal deserts; camper has never touched the cab. It is honestly the perfect clearance. The roll of the service body and/or camper matches the curve of the cab roof exactly; never gets any closer. And absolutely zero wind noise; up to speeds of 80+.

Also, with the stout F450 frame, there is no bounce/flex in the middle at all with this lite weight camper.