Camper and Truck Photos


@lumis Any alucab shell interior work done Yet?
not yet, I have put a lot of thought into what I want to do but every trip I do is different. I cant come up with a solution that is as versatile as packing out some storage boxes and laying those out depending on what I am doing. it will come to me though :)

Recommended books for Overlanding

Americas Overland - The Driving Handbook
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999 Days Around Africa: The Road Chose Me
by Dan Grec, Dan Grec
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Tortillas to Totems (Every day an Adventure Book 4)
by Sam Manicom
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Great looking rig.
I attached the article Scott Brady did on the truck with a wedge camper


Looks like you have a 3 step scissor ladder? I am looking for something similar if you don't mind how high is your entry? I have a second gen Tundra with 35s wondering if a 4 step would be a better fit? Thanks!
Hey sorry for the delayed reply. I’m thinking a four step would work. My bumper is high clearance and even still I’ll often use leveling blocks to raise the steps some to make them flat. I think you could even remove the fourth step and go down to three if ya didn’t like it. Probably harder to find and add a step if the three wasn’t enough?