Camper pass through/ window boot.

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I was curious as to how many have them, and if they find them to be more trouble then they are worth.

My primary thought being the possibility to slightly warm up or cool the camper when driving,

or for the dog to stick his head through when he is back there. My current set up would require a bit of work as its on a flatbed to make it work,
or is it just another hole for dust and water to get into on the rough roads.

I even thought of using a partially inflated inner tube for the seal/boot portion. It is a camper that is on and off often.

Thought, experience, ?
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we have a van, looking to eventually switch to something slightly bigger, to accomodate 4 people.

the passthrough is the biggest reason we got a van in the first time althought we dont have the next rig built or bought yet, it will definetively have a passthrough.


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I had a small sleeper cab on a crew cab dually years ago with a boot from the sleeper shell to the cab of the truck rear window opening. Thought it was a great idea however at the end of the day it just became a junk collector due to the ease of throwing the junk through the opening into the sleeper.

The "Boot" attached to the sleeper shell and to the rear window area of the truck cab just like you will do with a camper. As far as function, leaks, creaks or groans it was never a problem with the sleeper mounted to the dually bed and the "Boot" to the truck. The small window opening really does not give you much access to the rear through the opening however your dog will probably like it a lot!

Pacific Northwest yetti

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Thanks so far guys, I'm not worried or even wanting to be able to crawl through it.

Like you said, big enough for the dogs head.

And possible to help pre cool/ heat the unit whilst driving.

W/ my flatbed- I'd have to do a lot of modification to the bed/ headache rack. And add a rear slider to the truck.

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My experience is from the '80's. Had a rectangular, inflatable tube made for that purpose between truck and camper.
Two things:
1. It was much noisier when the connection was open.
2. The inflatable tube wore the paint on the truck and camper.



I have a camper shell on my Tacoma. To keep dust out of the shell I put a bicycle inner tube between the truck cab and the shell and opened both windows. While driving I'd crank the HVAC fan to high and give the shell a little bit of positive pressure.

This works amazingly well at keeping the dust out. However, living in CA and going to mountains a lot poses a problem. As you go up and down in elevation the inner tube expands and contracts. It just didn't work.

Next up I tried a piece of foam pipe a pool noodle. This almost worked really well except the tube moves around. It was around this point I decide to focus on building a light weight bare bones pop up flat bed camper.


One of the big advantages (and disadvantages) of the truck camper is being isolated from your junk. I have flatbed on a newer Tacoma, and the quiet of the cab is SO nice for longer road trips. My previous camper was a poptop land cruiser (functionally the same as a van) and listening to the cabinets squeak, the cutlery rattle and just general road noise got old on long road trips. We did not even get a front opening window on our flatbed, as I didn't really see a use for it.