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New Camping Gear For 2017

I tried copying my latest review to here, but it is to many words and pics, so I am just going to link you to a web page I made yesterday, much easier than breaking down the thread into several postings.
It posted fine to YotaTech, no picture/text limit over there :sombrero:

Some of the new gear I have picked up since winter



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I've recently discovered alcohol stoves. It started by viewing a video by Shugemery on Youtube then Hiram Cook. I picked up a cheap Trangia knockoff from Amazon. Used it on a recent trip to Death Valley and am pleased with the results. I boiled water in the mornings for instant coffee and at night to get a warm/hot water bottle to keep in my sleeping bag. Temps were cool at night in the 40s with a breeze. For a windscreen I have a folding aluminum one. First two times I used the little stove I put it on my plastic Reliance table and it warped the surface. Then put it on top of my old green Coleman stove where it left a circular mark. So finally figured out to use it on the grill of the stove. After returning home I was bored one day and decided to try out using the Olicamp pot I purchased for a budget jetboil system. With the stove only half full of yellow Heet I got two pots of water boiled. Now this wasn't anything like a field test but next trip I'll use that pot instead of the coffee pot. It seems to be better than the coffee pot.