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I have been car camping for a while now and I currently use a few options to store my stuff. I use some Home Depot large storage bins that are to big and when my stuff is inside it's at least 3 layers deep. I am a little OCD when it comes to organization, so you can imagine my plight. I also have some SKB and Pelican cases for various other items, but they are also not the best for the items they are storing. I either drive my Ford Expedition or soon I will be driving a full size pick up.

I have been looking at options for new storage cases, the wolf packs look affordable and good. However I am sure I'm overlooking some good options so any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


I'm a fan of ActionPackers. They come in several different sizes.
I use the 24 gallon size. They are durable and relatively inexpensive. You can usually find them for around $40.


Are you looking for storage at home, or in your vehicle? At home I use a cabinet with shelves located in a room near the exit door. It's easier to see things on shelves than in boxes.

In my vehicle I use these: $37 for two bags at They're rugged, somewhat waterproof (seems aren't sealed), large top opening. The large size is huge. Only downside is the zippers are somewhat hard to close.

I find it easier to pack my vehicle with soft-sided bags rather than plastic boxes. Makes more efficient use of the space and they have carry handles.


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These are for the car, but the storage bins would get stocked in my garage when were not using them. I like the canvas style bags, how are they against dust?
And the Plano boxes are very affordable too compared to other boxes, even made in China. I use a combination of small and big. I have 2 small ones and 1 big. They make my entire roof rack and carry all my camping gear. Plus some Jerry's and that's about it.

Front view of the 2 small ones side by side.


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I had no idea about the Plano cases, and they are affordable too! It seems similar to a pelican case without the mil spec. For I will be using it for that might just work. I went to the near by Walmart, but they didn't have it. I might just order it from Amazon. I did pick up a couple of the soft Outdoor bags from mentioned by PlacidWaters. I have a trip planned for early July so I will really be getting a chance to try some of these new items.

Is anyone using the Wolf Pack boxes or the SKB cases?


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used to have wolf packs nice inside a trailer or covered but think there are better boxes that are better sealed they stack well the latches are a pain and need to be replaced with the metal ones
thread here that ziploc is also making some so could become more common to find :)

had good luck with these I linked to so far the latches can fall off ? but seem to be holding up
looked at the plano but could never find the O-Ring models ? but they do seem nice just have to see the O-Ring ones first hand sometime :)

also we use a larger trunk from home depot one of there husky ones we like with O-Ring seal

I use pelicans for work quite a bit and great but heavy so quit using them for camping gear :)

my biggest complaint is the shape of some of these ! make it simple without a lot of bends and things so less wasted space ! also make them straight down sides
like the action packers but TONS of wasted space IMHO and not waterproof

for quite a bit of my gear we started switching to soft bags a while back and like how they pack better etc...
we still use a couple hard cases and a few small things we just use smaller snaplock kinda things to hold the more fragile things in and then put those in with other junk


Don't mistake the Plano cases for Pelican. They are no where near the quality, but for they price they are a great deal. They stand up to some abuse, but the plastic is very flexible by comparison and the hinge won't handle sustained abuse.


I am really loving the pelican 1630 I am using. It has the divider set in it, two layers. It keeps things organized. I use one of the cheap plano boxes also. It is good for food and misc items, no dividers. They slide out to the tailgate to live out of.

I use two pelican 1730 transport cases on the roof attached with EO2 fasteners.



These military surplus medical containers are a good deal, pretty bulletproof and water tight. I use a medium and a large. The upper half of the large (and X large) is a container in itself, having an internal lock-in-place cover (though not water tight). I use that as a permanent truck resident for recovery gear etc. The bottom of the "large" is the same as the whole of the "medium" The 10 latches are secure, but that's 10 latches that need to be undone. 19lbs empty for the medium IIRC.