Camping & Trail Riding at Cheaha WMA

It's been a long time since I've posted a report on here! I hope that will be changing soon. Since my last post I've sold my jeep, picked up a 2015 Tacoma TRD Pro, and am trying my hand at vlogging our adventures.

Cheaha Mountain is the highest point in Alabama. It's surrounded by the Talladega National Forest and Wildlife Management Area. There are lots of fire roads in the area, but if you know where to look their are a couple decent trails as well. My buddy in his Red Taco and myself in the Inferno Orange Taco got off to a late start on Friday night. It was nearly 10 when we setup camp at Turnip Seed Campground. We quickly setup our RTT's and crawled into bed. The next morning I was woken to deep grumble of a 6.2L Ford Motor. That was my indication that my father had made it up from Birmingham for a day or trails and an evening by the fire. After helping him back his trailer in, we got a quick breakfast then took off for the trails. Unlike most trips I didn't take many pictures and instead I setup my camera to try my hand at Vlogging.

On the trail we met up with another Tacoma and a 4runner. We ran the rest of the day with them. Saturday evening we split up with our new friends and headed to our separate campsites. After a great evening by the fire we crawled into our tents. About 30 seconds after my head hit the pillow the rain started. To me it's so peaceful listening to to the rain falling on the tent as I drift off.

Sunday morning the rain was still falling. We decided to fold our tents up wet and head to Shoney's for a good dry breakfast before heading back to Chattanooga.

Take a look at the Vlog below and let me know your thoughts!

Cheha Taco.jpg

Cheha Taco3.jpg

Cheha Taco3.jpg

I'll try and add a few more pictures tonight of our campsite and any pics my friends got during the trip.

For more info on the trailer (which I'm thinking of selling) take a look at my signature.
Awesome vlog man!! I am from Birmingham and have camped and ridden trails around Cheaha. It is a great place to camp and ride. Are you located in Chattanooga? I am near Canton, GA. Do you ever ride in the N Georgia Mountains?


Itching. And Scratching
For the Vlog - it's neat; has a feel a little like Jasonko - the swellrunner guy. His videos are a high mark; I think he sets the standard. Once suggestion - wind noise on the mic, and hearing 'uh' and 'um' a little much; can be distracting. You might want to consider voice-over during the in-car footage and other sections of footage, to sort of set up the scene - to explain the context or why that footage was important to see.
Something like

"As we made our way from the first camp site, the roads were ____________. Squeaky springs and a couple ground-guided sections - but overall the path was _________" etc.

Also would have liked to hear the rain hitting the canvass - as a voyeur into your Expeditions, I don't get to hear rain hitting tents very much.

As an aside - Koertge put his RTT away wet one time and didn't re-deploy it to dry it off. Mold happened. Did you have to re-deploy your tent later, after the trip?