Canadians... What's it really like?


oh no, not me, but when your government bans them, well ......

My post was about looking at countries with less gun crime than us. And learning from that.
But if want to be the guy blindly defending his right to carry and use an assault rifle, be that guy, Thankfully Canada is a democracy.
In a dark alley, a guy with a gun or a guy with a knife, I'd sooner square off with the guy holding the knife, even if I were unarmed.
Assault weapons were already banned in the 70's. The guns the P.M. banned mearly resemble them. You stated you'd rather be held up by someone with a knife, but the fact you stated missed your attention. That criminals do not care if its legal or not, thats already illegal . My main thrust of thinking is to go after the criminals. Theres already LAWS on the books that should be used , the fact that an OIC was used shows how these laws are failing. Rather than use facts, the PM just helter skelter banned anything that looks scary to them.Bolt action shotguns are also heading into the ban pile.
You said democracy but nothing about how the ban came into use was democratic. It is an OIC which subverts the actions by a mere "because I said so action.

He has declared thru OIC that my rifle is an AR10 variant when it is not. The rcmp stated this clearly in the FRT. Same goes for the BCL-102 which is derived from the AR102 not the AR-10.

Article 17. CCR

(1) Everyone has the right to own property alone as well as in association with others.
(2) No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property.




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Yeah when bolt action rifles and shotguns along with various pump action shotgun a are being quietly moved from Non-restricted to Prohibited in the FRT by the hundreds, OUTSIDE of the platforms listed in the OIC, there is some dangerous, shady BS going on.
There are rifles and shotguns being prohibited in such a way the owners won't even find out. Surprise! You are a felon now. And the law didn't even go through parliament. Welcome to your government.

And the fact we have a guy on here who's immediate family member fought for democracy in world war two is here telling everyone how great this is, is particularly concerning.

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Well there is no win the RCMP are actively removing the Canadian Law Comments in FRT, to turn rifles into Ar-15 variants because they say so.

@billiebob There are at least 10 these occurrences, here is the Stag-10 as an example look at the dates. Regardless of your attitude about firearms you should be very concerned about this, as it is likely to turn 2.2 million law abiding Canadian in to people who are no longer willing to trust either the government or RCMP.
This is an action I would expect out of a dictatorship not a government that claims the rule of law is all important