Can't find what I want so the build begins.

Sweet Build

Boxcar, great build and excellent restoration of the boat. I ran a Johnson Red/White 10 HP motor forever on a 14' Alumnacraft. I liked it because it was a 1958-just like me:). But I did not like portaging it-those old motors are heavy! Up on the shoulder with one of those orange Kapok life jackets for padding... Down in Astoria you have to have lots of awnings, etc. to get out of the rain. I hope your double knee replacements are working well for you. I cringed a bit with the ATV Crash when you said it limited your movements around the shop (been there, done that). I also got a laugh out of your description of Mr. Deep Pockets:)

You really have to keep an eye on what you put in your camper. When we sold our Northern Lite, a couple bought it (cash money) and wanted to leave with it right away on their truck. Since we sold it as a project we didn't think it would go that fast. We spent more than an hour hauling stuff out of it!


Sorry it's taken so long to get back to this. with the economy now booming , my business has done the same.
Very little time.
Hey thanks for the compliments on the boat. She's a bunch of fun and has proved to be a fishing machine.
We did manage a fairly long trip this past summer. A 1500 mile excursion around central Oregon.
Saw every little wayside I have missed over the years.
The expedition rig worked really well until ......
While pulling the Ochico divide pass, 1/4 mile from the summit ,I herd a loud bang. Then the windshield went green.
The fan hub had decided that it didn't like being PRESSED on to the water pump shaft any more.....
This cost me the radiator, water pump, fan, believe it or not the starter solenoid, upper radiator hose and a few more small odds and ends .
As luck would have it we were 1/4 mile from the Ochico divide camp ground. A very nice over night spot.
I managed to locate most of what I needed to do the on road repairs in Prineville. 80 miles down the hill. Thanks for the ride Ray!!!!!!
A long night , several beers and a few scraped knuckles later and we were back on the road.
A good lesson: You must always take a well thought out tool kit on the road with you. Thankfully I had.
I managed to repair the rig well enough to limp the rest of the way through our vacation. What an experience.
She now sits with a much upgraded cooling system . And yes, a welded and cross pined fan hub.
On to the next adventure.
Oh . We have a second grand child due this week. My kid works as fast as I do.

Happy trails guys....... Gregg.


Gregg - amazing build, I'm blown away by your skill and follow through. So often we see this stuff started but very rarely any follow through.

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While prepping both my mind and shop for yet another camper build I thought I'd better answer a question I have been asked more than once. What it cost to build this unit...... After digging through all of the receipt's last night I have a number. $ 2, 300. This number excludes anything related to the truck itself. A truck is needed regardless the cost of the camper. This also is not adding the labor cost. Strategic recycling more than cut the cost by at the very least 1/2.
The next build will be of all new supplies, and fixtures. I will be interested in comparing the two when done. Cheers.


Today, now that the daughters wedding is over, I'm off..... Lost lake Oregon is the destination. A bit of trout fishing will calm my nerves. We will be dragging the drift boat on this trip. I'll post up some pics and updates as things progress....... Happy trails all.
Great looking adventure set up. How does the 460 like cruising on the highway with 4.56 gears and no OD? I'm sure with the light weight of truck and camper it makes a combo that really gets up and goes!


Cool build, I'm seriously considering building my own as well, I appreciate you tracking the weight because I intend to use steel frame also.


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Well we now have a floor , 2 layers of 3/8 ply and a layer of 1" R-tech sandwiched between and the beginnings of walls.
This is the fun part.....
Can ya tell I have done this before?

View attachment 323150

View attachment 323151

View attachment 323152

View attachment 323153

View attachment 323154

View attachment 323155

View attachment 323156

Should get the Walls skinned by tomorrow night if all goes well.
I just came across your build and am reading through it now. I was wondering how you attached the wood to the steel? Sorry if you answer it at a later point in your thread.


Sorry it took me so long to respond...... Out playing..... The wood was screwed to the steel chassis with #8 stainless steel pan head tech screws

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dfrank. I will document the current build at a later time. This one is epic. I am in the process of designing the platform as we speak. The current camper weighs in at just over 1000 lbs wet


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Sorry it took me so long to respond...... Out playing..... The wood was screwed to the steel chassis with #8 stainless steel pan head tech screws
No worries. I was curious because I have a cargo trailer and I am going to modify it so the box is removable. This will require I attach a new floor to the box because now it is attached to the trailer frame.

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