Capital Reef National Park 12.17.17


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Quick trip report:

Took off Sunday after checking the road and weather conditions for a quick day trip down to Capital Reef National Park to get a some hiking in and to escape the gloom on the valley :p. Being the off season the park was basically empty minus 5 or 6 vehicles at the last trail head and a few campers in campground A which made for a nice time.

View from Old Wagon Trail

After that it was to end of the road on the scenic drive to hike back to the tanks.

Pioneer Register

The tanks

A frozen black abyss


The blue sky and the cool air made for an excellent trip wish I could've stayed longer to soak it in. My next down for next year will be to do some hiking down in the water pocket area and to hit up the Burr trail.
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Did you camp at the Fruita campground? The only time I've been there has been in October and it was always full then. Peak season for Capitol Reef.
Great pictures! One of my favorite National Parks.