Captain Texas Anvil JKU build

Got some pics from the shop. Everything is looking great!

26653036_10155757716571223_597757643_o.jpg 26655386_10155757716121223_1476179693_o.jpg 26613928_10155757716261223_1486482364_o.jpg 26654961_10155757716416223_1231214714_o.jpg

Just waiting on a new steering stabilizer from Rancho. The only gripe I have with the Ultimate Dana 44 is that they elected to go with a pin to loop style steering stabilizer instead of the common loop to loop style. Makes finding a steering stabilizer that works really challenging.

Already liking the axle a lot. The Cs look way beefier than on the photos online, they probably redesigned them. Can't wait to see how it drives with the new gears too.
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I got the Jeep back last night and seriously impressed with the new gears. The Jeep just pulls up hills in 4th or 5th gear no problemo. Torque seems to be a non issue anymore. No more gear searching!

Currently there are still some things to tidy up.

Need to get on the alignment rack (again) and get everything buttoned up. Then need to go to discount tire and see what they say about the wonky wear on the tires. Also at the moment I am running with out a steering stabilizer as the UD44 uses a stem to loop style instead of the common loop to loop. That new part is coming from Rancho in California and should be here on Tuesday.

Currently in the break in period of 500 miles for the new gears. Was advised not to do any long trip driving or anything above 55-60mph. Should really be doing short stints to heat cycles through the gears.
Single or Dual ARB compressor

Hey y'all,

So I just posted this in the general modifications section but I want to hear opinions if I should go with a single or dual ARB compressor.

Going out to Big Bend with no compressor really sucked to put it lightly. I couldn't air down to make driving off-road somewhat comfortable and if we had some sort of flat we couldn't air the tire back up to get back to town.

I like the dual compressor a lot but now that I have an e-locker in the front and no locker in the rear (a locker may come in the future, but it is going to be quite a while), does it make more sense to go with a single compressor for just airing up tires?

My wallet definitely likes the single over the dual so theres that. :sombrero:
JK Pockets

Got the new JK Pockets from Slickrock Gear in the mail the other day and got them installed. Seriously hatted how awful the nets looked after being stretched from use and wanted to get them replaced.

Pretty easy install. The rear pockets are a bit tight to get in but just use some elbow grease and they'll snap in just fine.

So far I really like these things. A bit pricy but I like the fact these look like they came from the factory.

After a lot of hard work, I finally got the 500 miles in for the break in for the new gears. Went to the shop tonight to get the diff fluid changed out and now I can get on the highway and get up to speed no worry.

Unfortunately the Rancho steering stabilizer that works really well with the UD44 never showed up. S***. My shop has installed UD44s before and they source an adapter bracket that accepts loop to loop style steering stabilizers. They will try to find one tomorrow morning so I can get on the road with a new stabilizer.

So the stabilzer finally showed up and got it installed.

Did the best I could, considering there are literally no instructions from Rancho in the box or online and using a picture from the Dana Spicer Jeep as a reference.

This is a picture of the stabilzer at full lock. Does it look like there is enough clerance or should I adjust the tie-rod bracket a bit so i'm not bottoming it out?

Went to my discount tire the other day becuase the Jeep was riding pretty rough on I-20, and having a massive wind storm didn't help at all. Asked them to rebalance the tires and they did. Problem is that they put the worn out front tires from the back back (now giving me a pull to the left again) in the front and now 3 out of my 4 tires dont have valve stem caps. Great. Hopefully will get that sorted soon.

Jeep is still riding a bit rough so need to determine if those two tires need to be replaced or if its something with my suspension.

Also I had my first ever experience with Death Wobble. My dad was driving the Jeep and I was riding shotgun. Granted, he was not holding on the steering wheel very well and when we went over a pretty big bump at 60mph it started to shake bad. Had to pull over and stop. I drove the rest of the way with white kunckles and it was fine. I think he even let go of the wheel a bit more than he should have when it started to happen. Regardless, I got the tires rebalenced as a result of that and I am going to get everything retightened.

I am seriously considering doing the New Mexico Backroads Ghost Divide Expedition in May right after I finish with final exams and working out logistics for it. If it is a go, I will be looking into an SPOD, single ARB compressor, CB radio, and camping equpiment for the trip. Also Overland Expo West tickets!
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Why should it be so easy when it can be so hard..........

Have you considered a an Apollointech switch pod over the SPOD? If it had been available when I did mine I would have gone that route and and saved $200

I have considered SPOD alternatives but I am still pretty set on the original SPOD. I might try to do some hunting for a used one but I like things with a proven track record.

Also what does that first part mean? Hahaha.
Went to Discount today and got the tires rotated. Thank god no more heavy pulling. It still pulls a little bit but honestly I think the tires are just so cupped in the rear that they are going to do that regardless.

I might get new tires if I commit 100% to the NMBR GDE in May.

Also ajusted the mount on the steering stabilzer a little to give it a bit more room when turning hard lock right.

Finally checked all the bolts for trackbar, etc. and they are all tight. I honestly don't think I have death wobble issues, just a one time fluke I guess.