Caracas Venezuela

Hi, my names is Jaime Angulo and I'm a new member of this beatifull community. I'm 35 years old, married and with two beatiful kid. I'm from Caracas Venezuela. I drive a FJ70, and my interets are outdoor activities and overlanding for my country and in a future another latituds. In few days I'll show the beatifull landscape that Venezuela has. Now a day we have many politicalts trouble, but I hope those trouble get resolve soon. I hope to share with you pictures and information about Venezuela, and get information from other countries and make some friends that can overland in the future.

I'm actually overhaulling my FJ70, fixing its engine, driveshaft, clutch so I can drive through Venezuela being sure that I have a great car that can take me wherever I want.

Thanks in advanced for you


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Bienveneido !

Soy Ingles, pero trabajado en Venezuela por 6 anos, casado con un verdederro Cuima de maturin et visitado casi cada rincon de tu paiese.

hay vario threads sobre venezuela en este secion

Malissimo qui paso con Leopoldo la semena pasada, un ridiculo del regime corrupto de Maduro.

quero regressar et visitar pero es demasiado peligro por ahora, especialmente por un alto blanco ingles !
Hola UK. Yo estuve en Londres en el 2004 y 2005. Muy mal lo de Leopoldo, nos tiene muy down como sociedad. Esperamos superar esta crisis pronto. Acá a la orden en Venezuela friend.


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99 Ciudad Ojeda
2001 Caracas vivido en AltaMira, oficina en Las Mercedes
2002 La dia de los tirros de en la marcha contra Chavez , yo fui por Maturin
2005 Septembre salio por Houston

Yo estaba en tu piase quando tu estaba en mio!

Conosi Leopoldo en Margarita aciendo kite surfing en el Yaque aprox2003-4ish !
Good I think this man is going to be our next president. He is very prepared for that mission. Well I loved London. I stayed in HammerSmith and near to Elephant. London is a magic city. I'd like to go again, but nowaday is almost impossible because everything here is too expensive. I know we are going to pass this situation an in few years we are going to be in a normal situation.
I was just in Caracas and Valencia in November and was drooling over all the Land Cruisers I saw! Oh and the women! Trying to get back in the future..beautiful country can't wait until it straightens out.
Hola amigo OJWERKS de Maracaibo. Excelente ciudad, me encanta Maracaibo y más cuando estuve perdidamente enamorado de una maracucha, lamentablemente la distancia hizo mella en la relación. Hi Erod27 Venezuela is a wonderful country, the beaty of its women, the paradaise of Land Cruisers, the exotic landscape make it an unique country. I hope you have the oportunity to be here again.
Venezuela such a commercial and cultural center which is located in Northern mountain valley. I have been visited there and its has many attractions or beautiful spots whcih are the good for travelling lovers. so now I wanna say Caracas is really best city here, I like its attraction of National Pantheon of Venezuela. so Whats your idea about National Pantheon of Venezuela?

I hope all of you try sharing here... :)