Carry a sidecar on a rack behind the truck? Yes it is possible.


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Just in case anyone is contemplating carrying a sidecar behind their expo truck! Here are a couple of photos of my rig on a rack behind my (just sold) truck. If anyone wants more details just send me a PM.

I have only done one trip with this combination which was 99% paved roads but it handled it with no damage to either vehicle. The roads included Durango to Silverton through the million dollar highway so it certainly got the side to side twisty test. The only downside was the booty length as I went around corners. Just had to be careful where I turned when vehicles were beside me.

I've thought about something similar, but with a pretty minimalist collapsible sidecar made out of tubing and canvas to keep the weight and size down for transport.

Does that sidecar have a driven or free wheel? Is there a reason you didn't run a tension cable up to the corner of the ambulance box to triangulate the load?


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Side car does not have a driven wheel (BMW not Ural). The rack comes off the chassis so triangulating to the box would increase the stress on the mounting. I have considered running a strut up from the frame to do as you suggested but in the end I will double up on the bars coming out to the sidecar wheel and put on another channel so I can have 2 bikes or the sidecar on the same setup. The outside chalked would be adjustable so that when running a single bike it sucks its butt in to improve the overhang.

The concept of a folder sidecar has been in my thoughts as well. Something along the lines of the little TW we have with a fold up Offroad type sidecar. Although I do like your idea of canvas. I was thinking of using aluminum (otherwise known as ambulance camouflage)
Is this your new rig? Pretty nice but dang, that's a lot of rear overhang!:eek::D

I'm planning a cross country trip for this summer and will be pulling my Harley sidecar rig behind my Chevy 2500 but will be using a small trailer. Pulling a trailer can be a pain but I don't think I could have a setup like yours with the weight of the HD.