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Not sure where to put I caught this ad in CL....and called the gentleman up. Thought it might be a great heads up for folks in the area looking to upgrade.

As you can see by pictures he has a case for every season.

I believe he said he has a place on both East and West coasts. This warehouse is located near Paramus, NJ

He says he primarily deals with folks looking to ship computer stuff. His price for a Hardigg footlocker was like 70$...I'm going to swing down and pick up four to upgrade my containers.


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I can't believe a good deal is happening in Jersey Deals on stuff always seems to be in CA or TX.

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Called up, got the same story. Very straight forward conversation. Quoted the same $70 for the footlocker, and asked about some other sizes. I was told for smaller cases, "figure $25-30. Medium ones range depending if they have the foam in them or not, and so anywhere from $40-70. You wanna buy a few, we'll make a better deal. Everything is definitely better than 50% off"

Stock is continuously changing as big companies will use these to move their backup servers/equipment around the country, so he's constantly sending out trailers full and getting new trailers in. About an hour and a half of a PITA drive for me, but might be getting a few buddies together to all take a ride- maybe make it worth it with some bulk buying. If that happens, I'll report back as well.


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First of, thanks for posting this, TitanPat57. I hadn't seen this on Craiglist.

I went there today and bought a bunch of cases. I dealt with Pete, the owner. He's very professional, prices are great, and he'll work deals if you buy in quantity. He gets this stuff by the trailer load. He mentioned he had locations in AZ and FL. 10/10 will buy again.

ETA: The warehouse is in Fairlawn, NJ on Banta Place.

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