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I have a run coming up in a few weeks and I'm tired of the 2-way radios. I'm not ready to commit to a bulky $300+ CB option but I'm looking for the next step up.

What's a good CB solution for the weekend warrior?

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Uniden Pro 510 XL. You really don't need anything more for simple trail rides. Many people will say HAM is the only way to go, but CB is cheap, easy, and kids can play with it on trail rides. Get both eventually.


The Cobra 75 seems to be very popular with Jeepers, as they're very compact.


I personally have a Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB in my XJ. Bought it for the SSB stuff. (my brother and I were going to mess around SSB). Its a little big, but it works fine.


But for the price, the Uniden 510 and 520 radios can't be beat.



I run a Midland 1001LWX. Its a great little radio, I like it because its super compact and still full featured. It has squelch, RF gain and analog, which is hard to find in compact radios. And the kicker- it has NOAA weather. Pretty awesome. I picked mine up for 41 bucks brand new on ebay; they also have a 3 year warranty. Has held up just fine over the past couple years including daily use back in high school.

In terms of antennas, if I were to buy another firestick, if would be a firefly, they're MUCH lighter than the one I have on it now.


Another vote for the cobra 75. I have one in my jeep and really like it alot. I have the bulk of the radio hidden under the dash so that all you see is the mic. Takes up very little room and It's a great radio. Got mine off amazon.

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Plenty of great choices depending on how much you want to talk

Full size CB if you talk a lot, use long sentences, or get spread out more than a few miles on the trail.
Hand held talkie, Cobra 75, or Midland 75-822 (if you want a combination of both).
The Cobra and Midland don't have the duty cycle for long winded conversations - rag chewing. Both have great Rx capabilities.

My buddy has the Midland 75-882, paired with a mag mount antenna, and the cigarette lighter adapter. He can toss it in any vehicle very quickly, and it works great.

I run the Cobra 75 with a 2' Firestick or a 4' Firefly antenna (depending topography, and group size). It works great, because I do better with my mouth shut... :elkgrin:
I also carry FRS hand talkies, a Ham hand talkie and an InReach SE. All of which I like much better than CB.

Picture one: Cobra 75 & Boafeng VHF/UFH ham hand talkie on a Cool tech mount.
Picture two: 4' Firefly antenna mounted on the tail gate



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Seems like any of the little $50 or cheaper CBs are pretty darn tough and function pretty good. I have a Uniden 520 XL and it functions pretty well, still need to have it tuned though. I think at the end of the day I paid only $80 total for my CB, antenna, coax, mount, and antenna. Mounted my radio inside my Tuffy Overhead Console20160726_152727-768x1024.jpg


Another vote for the cobra 75. I have one in my jeep and really like it alot. I have the bulk of the radio hidden under the dash so that all you see is the mic. Takes up very little room and It's a great radio. Got mine off amazon.
Would be great if you could post a few pictures of how you mounted the unit beneath the dash? Or perhaps there's a thread online you can point me to.

Have you seen this? http://ok4wd.com/featured-products-1/moparr-jeepr-licensed-complete-cb-radio-antenna-kit

Curious if it's similar to your set up.


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install pictures

This is the kit I used as well. It has two choices for the antenna mount. One that mounts to the top of the license plate holder, and another that bolts onto the tail gate, by using spacers and the bolts for the spare tire carrier.
I chose the tail gate mount, since the license plate holder was removed.

The mic mount bracket on our Jeeps mounts to the left side of the passenger grab handle. It's really clean, and very quick to install.

Picture one: Junction box location. Put double face foam tape on the top, and zip-tied it to the aluminum dash brace.
Disclaimer: I can't take credit for coming up with this. Saw it done quite a few times on other threads, and just copied from smarter people than me.

Picture two: For the Din connector that connects the mic head, I just drilled a hole, and used a grommet. The kit comes with a bracket, but I didn't want to add more screw holes. The mic cable lays out of the way, and doesn't make noise smacking into stuff on the trail.

Hope this helps, :beer:



I have the Cobra 75 and it works well on trail rides. Here's how mine's done:

Cobra 75 - mounted behind console, right side. wired direct to battery
VersaMount2 for the mike
3' Firestick mounted on my Teraflex tire racks optional Hilift/Rotopax/Antenna mount


The Cobra 75 is popular especially among JK owners. I would suggest an external speaker as well.
As far as antennas go, I would suggest a fender mount over a spare tire/tailgate mount.

The antenna pictured below is a Browning BR-140-B NMO antenna on a NMO flat fender mount from The Antenna Farm.
Easy to mount, super easy to run the coax to the radio and should work better than a tailgate mounted antenna. Being a wire whip it will flex well.
NMO CB.jpeg
NMO CB 2.jpeg


Also if you are looking for a way to run the power wires for the CB to the battery, there is a hold just behind the side panel of the dash on the passenger side. Comes out on top of the inner fender right next to the battery.

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