Chaco Culture, Nov. 2010


Seems like its the mid winter duldrums on expo, so here's a few random photo's from a short road trip down through Santa Fe, up to Taos, over to Chaco Culture NHP, up through Durango to Montrose, east to Monarch, and then back north through southpark back to front range Colorado. Went just before Christmas to get out of town and visit a few friends. I had never been out to Chaco since its kinda in the middle of no where, but if you get the chance I highly recommend going!

Snow on I25 into Santa Fe:

Snow that night:

Somewhere on the road:

Only problem encountered on the trip was a frozen ebrake cable after hitting rain on the way to taos:

Leaving Pavement on the way to Chaco:

Entering the park, road is paved again:

A few short hikes to some great ruins and art:

Campground was pretty well deserted that night, only a few other folks:

Stopping in silverton on the way through:

Skiing Monarch:
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Thanks for sharing, great pics! Chaco is amazing though I haven't been there in years. You've brought back some great memories. Your lx's color looks great against a desert view!


Looks like you had a fun trip. I need to make it up to Chaco. I've lived in NM for almost 16 years and I've never been there.


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I haven't been to Chaco in years either. Incredible place! Not to be missed. I used to take my wife and kids to ruins all over the 4 Corners in the 90's. Some nice hikes at Chaco to outlying ruins as well in the park. If you are used to seeing small hidden ruins elsewhere then you will be absolutely amazed at the immensity and density of the Chaco ruins. My wife and I need to go there again soon. It's been too long.

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Chaco is one of my favorite places. Been there several times, and hiked the Pueblo Alto trail in '94.

Thanks for sharing. I need to make another trip out there. Missed it in 2008 due to time constraints.
Im trying to plan a motorcycle trip, either before or after Overland Expo, and this is very high on my list of sights I want to see!! Ive never been to any ruins and am dying to see them in person.

Chaco, Mesa Verde, Canyon De Chelly, along with Monument Valley, UT are what Im trying to plan my route around.

THanks for the pics!! Cant wait to see them in person!!
Ok, I should go....I see they allow dogs on backcountry trails but not in ruins along Canyon Loop Dr, will I still get to see plenty if I had to skip the Loop?


All the ruins along the paved road are close enough and quick enough you could leave a dog in the car, as long as its not summer. (Though the park website says not to leave them in the car....) Also says you can't have pets in any of the ruins, so you could do some of the hikes but not be able to "explore" any of the sites. Not a big deal IMO, you can still see tons of stuff. Chaco lets you get more up close and into the ruins more than other places I have been.
Chaco is the best, hands down one of my favorite places to visit and explore. One of the last parks you can get up close and personal with the ruins. Plus the story and mystery that surrounds the place makes it the much better. Good photo report!