Cheaper 270 Degree Awnings: ARQ4WD & Overland Pros

We recently sold our Tepui awning and upgraded to the Overland Pros wrapptor 2500 and couldn't be happier with. I like that it has the cross bars in-between the main bars so you don't have to stake it down. We've used it several times in the rain and it's never leaked. We forgot to drop it down one night, must have collected 10 gallons of water in it. I couldn't believe it held so much with out any damage. I'd buy it again in a heart beat.
any pix?
Look into Pope Overland Expedition. Based out of Denver, CO. They have a 98" Foxwing 270 degree for $310. Johnathan Pope is the owner. He will be at Expo West this year.
curious if any1 has experience w/ the ARQ4wd awning in rain? I like the idea of no poles though they seem to have the advantage of allowing you to angle down the awning so rain rolls off of it...