Cherokee Trailhawk

Colin Hughes

I’m considering a 2015-2016 Trailhawk as my next vehicle. Wondering if anyone in this forum that has one could offer up their thoughts on it and what I should look for when I test drive. Appreciate any input. Thanks.


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My wife has had a 15 trailhawk for about 2 years. It has been dead reliable and is very comfortable to drive. I put a small 1.5" supsension lift on it and went up a size from the factory tires and it has gone anywhere we have ever needed to go while getting a consistent 21-22 mpg. I would highly recommend them. They only downside was the cargo area in the rear is kinda small. I'd look for one with the factory tow package as adding one after the fact is kinda expensive.

Colin Hughes

Thanks for the info. Yes, a tow pkg is on the list as I have a small offroad teardrop trailer. I'm looking at a 2015 now with convenience pkg. tow pkg, cold weather pkg and upgraded Alpine stereo. We'll see if we can make the numbers work. Yes, the cargo area is small, especially coming from an LR3 but really, most of my gear travels in the trailer so it will primarily be an ARB fridge only back there.

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I bought one about two weeks ago. After watching a lots of utube videos I decided it would do what I wanted. My wrangler would do more but I didn't need to do everything it would do. Drive from S AZ to N CA produced 24.5 mpg with the V6. And as the salesman kept telling me it has red tow hooks. We did lose it in the first night in a parking lot, a tall yellow Jeep is easy to spot, red tow hooks are a little harder. Mike


If Jeep offered the Trailhawk with a manual transmission I'd probably already have one.

I just don't want or trust the 8 speed auto.

Colin Hughes

The person who bought the truck new added the 7/115 Gold Warranty with Drivetrain coverage so I've got a couple of years to see if anything pops up as the package is transferable to me. I have a friend who works for a Jeep/Chrysler dealership (I didn't buy from him) and he told me there were some software issues with the early transmissions and hasn't heard anything lately about them. I guess we'll see.


Just bought a '17 Trailhawk last week, love it! Put a hitch on last Friday, $244.00 installed, got the wiring harness off Amazon, open package for $27.00. (all the parts are there)

Putting the roof rack on next week.

I was concerned about the 9 speed tranny but I got an extended warranty as well, so no issues. Put it rock mode and lock in the rear and it crawls on its own, amazing!

I guess the 9th gear was put in for the German Autobaun because you can't drive fast enough here to get it to kick in, but it's in there.

Adjustable rear seat is nice, gives a bit more storage but with a roof rack and hitch rack we'll have plenty of storage. It's big enough for 2 to sleep in too!

Took it out in sport mode on the twisties, reminded me of my Miata, with a much better ride.

Mods to come; battery and inverter, 2" (1 1/5) lift, KO's when the shoes wear out, couple lights and we'll call it done for our DD. :)

Long Rifle

Just traded 2015 Trailhawk for 2018 TRD Offroad 4 runner. The Trailhawk was reliable (23K miles) and comfortable unlike our 2014 Rubicon which had engine oil leak at 9K and left me stranded off road at 14K with failed electric fan controller when out of town on 4x4 trail. Replaced it with a Mustang GT as daily driver. The 4runner will do what we need to do off road and has better ground clearance, still body on frame, and better cargo capacity. My 97 & 04 4runners and 07 FJC never had any warranty issues. The Trailhawk is quite capable for easy or moderate trails but with all the software updates we did, I found the transmission to still be far from perfect.