Chevy/GMC Vans Over Ford Vans


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Chris-If I'm looking at a new E350 Wagon EB, is there anything that I should steer clear of that would be an issue in the future for a 4x4 conversion?
Just get the V10, much easier to convert! I would also add goodies like the upfitter switches, hi amp alternator and dual batteries. You can also go ahead and get a 4.10LS rear axle, depends on what your plans are for the tire size/etc.


Thanks for all the help. I've thought long and hard on it and have decided to keep my truck and get a Four Wheel Camper. I already have a Chevy 2500 4x4 that's paid off. I prefer the pass through of a van, and may get one in the future. But for now it just seems too expensive to look into getting a van and then spending more to essentially end up with something close to what I already own. Tons of knowledge on this forum and I look forward to meeting some of you in the future.


Window pass thru bight be of some consolation? I used to have a truck someone cut the back of the cab out. It was kinda cool once cleaned up. (I put it back in for resale years later)

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