Chevy rear head curtain removal?


Is it possible to remove the rear head curtain airbags in a 2015 Chevy Express? I bought one to tow a camper with thinking I could do a Sportsmobile conversion later. When I called SMB they said they won't touch them. (I had not seen that warning on their site, and still haven't found it.)

In any event, I'm willing to get them removed and then take it to SMB, or one of the other conversion places, but I'm trying to see if specific air bag removal is even possible.

Thanks in advance...


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I removed the side curtain airbags in my 2008 express. The airbags go all the way from the windshield to the back door so you'll lose coverage for the front seats also. I wired a resistor in place of the airbags to get the light to go out. It wasn't difficult but there is obviously some liability and risk with removing a safety system from your vehicle.

I believe that cargo vans have a side curtain airbag that just covers the front passengers. Theoretically you could replace the system with a system from a cargo van in order to retain airbags for the front passengers. I didn't get too far into research on this. Since I'd never owned a vehicle with side airbags I didn't really feel it was a big loss to not have side airbags.