Civilizing an m1101


Long term, I plan on putting some sort of top on it, not sure about the details.

First things, first though:
* Swap out the 24V bulbs for their 12V counterparts
* Swap out the military HMMWV tires for civilian Chevy 8 lugs
* Replace some rusty pins/split rings etc.
* Get it registered


I'm removing the HMMWV tires/rims because they're too tall for my tow vehicle. They're 16.5" rims with runflats and 37" tires on them.


What is your tow rig?
How does it look behind it?
Is it wide?
The tow rig is a Lexus GX470, and it is narrower than the trailer. I actually like that the trailer is wider. My current 5' wide trailer is too narrow. When backing up, I can't see it very well.

Mark Harley

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Sell the original axle and tires then get a matching axle and wheels.
should break even on price. Pay the $15.00 and sell them on Steel Soldiers.

This will be a cool build.
Need more pictures!


I want to keep the axle. The mil-spec torsion axle, which has surge+parking brakes is really awesome. When I brought the trailer home, I literally yanked it off the flatbed, with just the dovetail, no ramps attached. Didn't give it a second thought. Not sure I would have been so carefree with a regular 5k torsion axle.

I already bought the replacement tires/wheels+spare so I'm stuck with the 8 lug rims for now (plus, I'm dreaming of getting a Chevy 2500 HD).

This may be a cool build, but it'll be a slooooow build. :)
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I just realized that you drive a 2500 HD!

I wasn't kidding about this being a slow build. The tires aren't mounted yet; I haven't even swapped out the bulbs (they're sitting here on my desk). There's a guy coming next week to buy my HMMWV tires/rims. The plan is to swap the wheels/tires at that time, since I'll have an extra pair of hands to move those things around.


I towed one a few days ago with my truck and it was a damn parachute. They are great to tow , but the height and the width are horrible unless you have a hummer.
Good luck with the build.