CJ5 Resto-Mod Project

Wow! You just listed all the things going through my brain when deciding on how to build this CJ. The era dictates not only the color, but the kind of paint used. I did try to source some OEM paint from way back then (they called it poly something), but it would probably not have been any good. The paint we ended up using is one that I have used many times in the past, Delfleet from PPG. My painter even tried his best to match the original orange peel, as I hate the "over restored" look.

Hearing your comments lets me know that my worries are not in vain. People do actually pick up on these details.

Thanks for commenting and thanks also for bidding.

The Last Cowboy

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One of my favorite colors on the CJs of the early 70s was Apple Green. I’ve only seen a couple of them. My JK was a color called Commando Green (a misnomer in my opinion) that is actually close to the 70s shade. If I build a CJ, I will consider that as a color choice.

Another minor detail that I wanted to touch on is the Jeep font for the ‘72-‘74 models. It is unique. You went to the trouble of not only finding a proper replacement tub, but a tailgate as well.

Many CJs for sale these days are “Frankenjeeps”. Every owner thinks they have improved it with racing seats, a roll cage and diamond plate panels all over. Not to mention cheap lifts and questionable performance mods. I don’t want to pay whats they think it’s worth just to undo all of their mistakes and have a pile of parts to get rid of.

Based on how many over modified CJs there are out there, our opinion may well be the minority one. My hope is that whoever buys this (as I’m sure it will bid beyond my limit) respects the art of it’s simplicity. I would hate to see it on eBay in a couple of years with a bunch of accessories bolted all over it. And I hope no one ever drills a bunch of holes down the sides to put a cheap soft top on.
I considered the apple green. Pretty cool color. It would have had an entirely different feel than the buttercream we used.

The frankenjeep thing is all to present around here. I live 50 miles from the Rubicon trail head and every day I see probably 5 or 10 rock crawlers driving up the road.

The story of why I wanted to build this one starts with seeing another basically stock early CJ5 on Main St in Placerville one day. I recognized the driver from the trail, and it hit me like a ton of bricks, that while rock crawling is fun, not many guys want to drive their crawler around town after work, but driving a classic Jeep, in mostly original form, fills that desire to drive something cool instead of the family truckster. That was about 8 years ago and now, classic resto-modded Jeeps are not uncommon.


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My dream with my YJ is to be the old guy in the cool old Jeep, when I get old. I live In Iowa, so there is no reason to build a wild machine. It’s for fun cruising on a gravel road as a convertible with no guilt of a scratch or ding. Nothing more than a mild lift, nice wheels and a fresh interior is needed.

This CJ is phenomenal and inspirational. Nice work!!

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I grew up in MN, and we had a cabin on a lake in northern Wisconsin. All the time we had that cabin, we had snowmobiles, dirt bikes and quads, but never a 4x4. Having a Jeep to explore the logging roads and traverse the occasional washed out road or to go climb the mountains of gravel at the gravel pit...that would have been life changing.

I remember one trip to our hunting shack in Cotton MN, we were hiking in and there were these two massive ruts, each about a foot and a half deep. My grandfather said something about g-dam trespassers. That's when I realized they were tire tracks from a 4x4. I was young and had never seen a truck capable of getting anywhere like the marsh bog we had to hike over to our hunting shack. I can only imagine what made those tracks...Bigfoot?

Thank you.
Thanks to everyone who bid or encouraged bidding with comments. I was hoping it would go to someone here, like Cowboy, but it is going to a very nice home nonetheless.

Keep your eyes open for future builds. I've been getting requests...!