Coleman Gemini PowerPack - Alternative to large propane tanks

I've been using a Coleman's Gemini PowerPack for a few years now and they work really well. It basically connects two 1lb disposable bottles to essentially create a 2lb propane bottle. With this setup I've been able to double the run time on my Buddy Heater and also run my Camp Chef portable Fire Pit without a large propane tank. The form factor is a bit large although you could possibly store two bottles and save a bit of space but even then, it's still a bit bulky to pack. I recently discovered that I could detach the plastic case, saves a TON of space!

Also as a side note, Front Runner Wolf Packs are perfect for holding a bunch of 1lb propane tanks.
Depending on the rig I'm using, I carry an 80gal tank, or 1-2 BBQ bottles at 20# as the tanks that get refilled when I buy gas, last time at $1.62 per gallon or less than 40¢ per pound.

I decant from there into 13#, 5# or even 1# bottles, but never those disposable ones when travelling, only the DOT certified ones designed to be refilled.
Unless you are refilling the 1lb tanks(and yes, some expo guys will get their panties in a wad over that idea) just get a 10lb tank or two and an adapter hose to run to your stuff that takes 1lb bottles.
yeah you need a deep freezer and a warm sunny day to get em anywhere near full, not really something you can do in the field.. brand new bottles I bought that season I could refill once, any bottles with any age on em the valve never sealed off perfectly and they were empty when I went to go use em.. the condensation that forms on the bottle rusts out or otherwise contaminates the valve/threads PDQ.. really most valves only get exercised once, when plugged in to the device and then ran til dry.. maybe they get used a few times, but none are designed for repeated use.