Collapsible / folding sinks, bowls or basins?


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I use a 3 basin method but I suppose you could use less or different sized pans. These are 1/3 size steam table pans used for restaurants and come in various depths. These are 6" deep and don't use much water at all to get the job done. I heat 2 of them directly on the stove. Warm soapy, warm rinse, and cold sterilize with a couple of steramine tablets make sure all is clean. We re-use the water for multiple washings so when the wash water cools off just put it back on the burner for another few minutes. A cutting board goes over them when not washing for a prep surface. The stand is from partner steel.

I know its not a collapsible option but they work really well, nest together, and fit in my kitchen kit nicely. I've used option 2 above but still found it bulky and required something else to heat the water.

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use the bit larger ones I do love these had a collapsible and quit using it found these packed up with things just as good and grease and or other junk in the plastic is a hassle these are easier to keep clean etc..

do have one plastic I use still but that is going to go away at some point to reckon :)