Collection of Build Threads

This is a list of build threads that are two pages or longer. They are currently sorted by manufacturer. The list is mostly builds active within the last 6 months. I will add more as I have time. Reply to this thread if you would like your build added to the list. Please inform me of mistakes you see so I can correct them.

NoJeepshere's 1999 Yukon
Larry's 1978 K10
Larry's 1989 V2500 Suburban“Polar-Bear”-1989-V2500-Suburban
dieselfuel's 1989 GMC Suburban
stevo-mt's 1985 M1010
Chevrolado's 1995 Tahoe
Chevrolado's 1977 K10
PMA4x4's 1991 Suburban
TechNoir's 2001 Suburban
Outback's M1028
asmith's 1991 Suburban
1low1ton's 2011 Colorado
1stDeuce's 2006 K2500
Nathaniel0712's 1990 K5 Blazer
JumpinFord's 2004 1500
cop car's 1988 Suburban
Spargman's 1999 Tahoe!
Rykstone's 2011 3500
bfdiesel's 1983 Suburban
DanimalsBurb's 1990 Suburban
Little Red's 1989 Suburban
MrBeast's 1972 C/30
Chaos616's 2007 2500HD
ElCaminoManT's 1998 S15*TONS-OF-PICS*
Nor-Cal Nick's 2008 2500HD
warwgn's 1986 Suburban
RussellZ's 1996 Tahoe
Chief_919's M1028
dodgexped's 2006 1500
gloriavoxdei's 1978 Jimmy
JamesDowning's 2005 TrailBlazer
bigtrkltltrl's 1991 Suburban
Sean257's 1991 Suburban
crazyeyez's 2005 Canyon
edlaffoon's 1973 K5
chilliwak's 1978 truck and homemade canopy/camper
locrwln's 2007 2500hd
Sentinelist's 1993 K3500
MikeKey's 2003 Trailblazer
HARDTRAILZ's 2006 Trailblazer
Stroverlander's 2004 Astro
FCM's 1978 Suburban
Todd McLaughlin's 1989 Suburban 2500
Woofwagon's 1989 Suburban 2500

98dango's 2000 F-250
B85's 1999 F-250
peepers's 2010 f150
mkitchen's 1971 F-250
Nathaniel0712's 1991 F-150
Rot Box's 1991 F-350
nitro-gear's 2004 F-450
Milo902's 1996 F-250
FatCity's 2003 F-150 Pre-runner
stl34th's 2008 f-250
psdfrank's 1995 f2-50
bikelanta's 2000 Expedition
RKraft's 2000 Excursion
bfdiesel's 1993 F-350
jayshapiro's F-650
Redthies's 1997 F-350
crawldit's 1997 F-150
Higbean's 1978 F-250
JAFJO's 2003 Expedition
Humvette's 2008 F-250
kfgk14's 1996 F-350
storey618's 1986 Bronco II
Coscienceguy's 1999 F-350
AFBronco235's 1991 Bronco
Seabass's 1997 F-350
pappawheely's 1992 F-350
jdinevans' 2003 Super Duty
klr2mato's 2000 F-350 "Super Raptor"
THODGES89's 2007 F-250 Carli Coilover "Luxury Chase Truck Build"

bloodyWEST's 1997 2500
Direwolf's 2001 2500
Blakeape's 1997 2500
rikinwyoming's 1997 2500
gun45boat's 2004 2500 rock crawler
Carlyle's 2012 5500
PowerWagner's 2012 Power Wagon
pulltilbroke's 1990 2500
pulltilbroke's 1993 W350
dtruzinski's 2012 5500
oldestof11's 1992 2500
crawler#976's power wagon
Metcalf's 1992 2500
colodak's 200 Dakota
Spencinator's 2500
Ram5500's 2008 5500
redthies's 1998 3500
ExpoMike's 1997 2500
ramsport59's 1993 D350
GJStringert's 1997 2500!
Luckychase5's 1999 2500
Hackster's First Gen Cummins

calebennis's 2006 H3
Err's 2009 H3T
ReconH3's H3
Schwarttzy's 2006 H3!-H3-Build
Humvette's 2001 H1
cgalpha08's 2008 H3

Rube Bonet's 1976 Scout
ExpoScout's Scout

srodocker's 1967 M35A2
olly handro's 6x6

Supporting Sponsors' builds
Bushwacker's 2015 Ford F-150's-project-2015-ford-f-150-in-detail
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Renaissance Redneck
Nice reference you have created MACAMN. Just to boost the Dodge numbers, does my "Holy Grail" thread fit your criteria?


Expedition Leader
Awesome work.

Should be a good resource for everyone and possibly be a sticky.

Oh and by looking at the list...GM rules.:wings:

Does GM rule? or do they just need the most mods? The eternal question. And I can say that being a Ford guy owning a Silverado :)

Great list BTW, This would have saved me considerable time when I was doing my research. Thanks again for putting it together!
Thanks for the thanks guys. I had been hoping to see a build list like in the other sections so when I had some down time I figured I would make one up myself.

Just to boost the Dodge numbers, does my "Holy Grail" thread fit your criteria?
Sorry I must have missed it. I updated the list to include your build.

Does GM rule? or do they just need the most mods?
So far it looks like GM rules. I will have to go through more pages to see what the totals are. It is safe to say that the most active members have GM's.
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Great thread! How about including some of the builds from other sites? H8 mud has some killer builds, Pirate has a few, ADV rider has some good ones on adventure bikes which would make a nice addition to the thread being as Expo has a bike section too.