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Recommended books for Overlanding

The Longest Line on the Map: The United States, the Pan-A...
by Eric Rutkow
From $13.39
Lone Rider
by speth Beard
From $16.39
Motorcycle Messengers: Tales from the Road by Writers who...
by Lois Pryce, Mark Richardson, Carla King, Sam Manic...
From $9.99
Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why
by Laurence Gonzales
From $9.99


Our FJ Build - The White Knight

Our new Build is complete:

Suspension (From All Pro Offroad):

  • 1" body lift
  • Lower Links
  • 3" lift Front
  • 3" lift Rear
  • Upper A-Arms

Trail Armor (From All Pro Off-Road and Bud Built):

  • Rock Sliders (All Pro)
  • Rear Bumper (All Pro)
  • Front bumper (All Pro)
  • Front bumper Hoop (All Pro)
  • Main Skid Plates (Bud Built)
  • Rear Differential Skid (All Pro)
  • Lower Link Skids (All Pro)
  • Rear Shock Mount Skids (All Pro)


  • Snorkel (Safari/ARB)
  • High Clearance Tailpipe (All Pro)
  • Tire (Hankook)
  • Wheels (Mickey Thompson)
  • Hypertech Speedo Calibrator
  • Differential Gears (Nitro)
  • Front ARB Locker
  • Man-A-Fre Auxiliary Fuel Tank


  • On Board PC and navigation (Home Built)
  • Touch Screen Computer Monitor
  • Oddessy Aux Battery
  • Aux Battery Charge Controller (National Luna)
  • Switch Panel (ARC)
  • Wiring Harness (Home built)
  • Second Horn (Toyota High Pitched)
  • Alarm (Toyota)
  • XM Radio (Toyota)
  • Fridge (ARB)
  • Rechargeable Flashlight
  • Heated Mirrors
  • Heated Wipers
  • Solar Panel
  • Solar Charge Controller
  • Upgraded Primary Battery (Odyssey PC 2150)
  • Aux Master Switch
  • Aux Power Control Relay (Blue Sea)
  • Improved grounding
  • AUX Power Ports


  • APRS (Used Kenwood Radio + TNC)
  • APRS Antenna
  • VHF/UHF HAM Radio (IcomIC-2820H with digital module installed)
  • VHF/UFH Antennas and mounts
  • CB Radio (Cobra)
  • Bandi Mount (CB Antenna mount)
  • CB Antenna
  • Cell Phone Amp (Wilson)
  • Cell Antenna with mount
  • Cell Phone Cradle
  • HF Radio (ICOM IC-7000)
  • HF Tuner
  • HF Screwdriver Antenne (Tarheal)


  • Engine compartment lights
  • Driving lights (SolTec)
  • Utility Lights (LED)
  • Backup Lights
  • Spot Light (HID GoLight)
  • Rear seat reading lamp (Toyota)


  • Black out hood sticker
  • Seat Covers
  • Floor Mats (Husky)
  • Fender Extensions (Bushwacker)
  • Window Vent Visor

Expedition Gear:

  • Roof Rack (Front Runner)
  • Shovel Mount (Front Runner)
  • Axe Mount(Front Runner)
  • Hi-Lift Mount (Front Runner)
  • Fuel Cans Holders (Front Runner)
  • Camp Table Mounting Kit (Front Runner)
  • Camp Table (Front Runner)
  • Rack Box (Partner Steel)

Recovery Gear:

  • Winch (Superwinch)
  • Synthetic Winch Line
  • Winch line extension
  • Hi-Lift Jack
  • Hi-Lift Base Plate
  • Li-Lift Off Road Kit
  • Li-Lift Lift Mate
  • Li-Lift Repair Kit
  • Chain (20')
  • Shackles (6)
  • Pulley Blocks (2)
  • Tree Strap
  • Snatch Strap
  • CO2 Tank
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Jackmate
There are additions I will be making to this list so
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Recommended books for Overlanding

The Alchemist, 25th Anniversary: A Fable About Following ...
by Paulo Coelho
From $10.47
Jupiter's Travels in Camera: The photographic record of T...
by Ted Simon
From $288.68
Don't Go There. It's Not Safe. You'll Die.: And other mor...
by Jared McCaffree, Jessica Mans, Kobus Mans
From $19.99
First Overland: London-Singapore by Land Rover
by Tim Slessor
From $11.99
Road Fever (Vintage Departures)
by Tim Cahill
From $12.99