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Yeah, I bought it 10 years ago as the TENTRAX CARGO model--The tent they provide with the trailer is pretty small and really restricts the cargo ability, so I bought a TEPUI KUKENAM RTT and modified the trailer to carry/ accept and provide the strength to handle an additional 500 lbs on the trailer cover-


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I started this project back in June of this year. I'm just about done with it, all is left is fabricating some mounts for the Rotopax gas containers (2) 3gal, & a mount for the recovery boards which I'll locate under the tent. The trailer is all solar powered; Renogy 200 watt portable panel that plugs into a Zamp solar port, Renogy Wander 30amp charge controller, VMax 155ah Battery, 3 12v ports that will supply power for a Propex Heat Source Tent Heater, Engel 22qt 12v fridg\freez & the interior tent light. You can see the whole entire build on the link attached
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"TAC/0 Project" - Jeep and M1101

"TAC/0 Project" aspires to build out an M1101 trailer for my Jeep to explore Overlanding, Off-roading and HAM Radio mobile communications (EMCOMM too).

A fairly new project by me, so no major updates yet. But, workstreams are in progress and progress updates can be found in my blog (link in my signature - I'm unable to add links to my posts yet). I will keep you all posted as I make progress.

I also have another thread here started last week to post updates.


Nice! I see in your build tread that you have an independant air bag suspension, cuirous what you have the connect tye a-arms to the frame. Did you use rubber bushing, and if so, as they are waring out, do you notice change in alignment? If is not bushings, what did you use?

Thank you for sharing!

Ok, after going thrue the complete tread, I think you have been using johnny joints.
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I finished my M101A2 a couple of months ago. I was encouraged by some friends to share my build. No idea where I should even begin...

The rack goes up and down on 12v 20" linear actuators. I chopped the tailgate and made it swing out –– to incorporate a fully functional Kitchen area. The trailer can run off 120v generator power [or shore power] converted to 12v @120amps via inverter, solar, battery as well as auxiliary power from the truck.

I've been on the site for many years, but have been a pretty silent member. I'd love to give back as I pulled inspiration from many of you! Feel free if message me you have any questions

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