Commercially Available Trailer Options???


As I have been reading thru a good number of threads I have come to the conclusion I have neither the time nor the current skill set to take on a lot of the posted trailer builds. That being said I am interested in what would probably be considered an “entry level” adventure trailer. I have seen numerous mentions to different commercially available finished trailers and am wondering what everyone’s opinion/ suggestion for a already finished trailer? Whether it be the Overland trailers or Jumping jack trailer. Or any other commercially available options? Opinions? Thoughts ?? Suggestions ???


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I just wrote an article on off-road trailers you can read here:

There is a list of trailer options at the bottom of the article that might give you some great leads.

Edit - From the article:
"Common commercially available Off-Road Trailer Brands:
Adventure Trailers:
Afrispoor Trailers:
Bushman Trailers:
Bushwakka Trailers:
Campa Trailers:
Conqueror Trailers:
Haul Tent Trailers:
Jurgens Trailers:
King Kampers:
Merlin Trailers:
Offroad Trailerz:
Outlander Trailers:
Predator Trailers:
Tentrax Trailers:
Track Trailer:
(these are just the common names, there are literally dozens of other smaller, re-badged or our out of business manufactures/brands not to mention the countless custom built units. Some of these are not available in the US but I've added them just to show you some of the options and help you brainstorm)"
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Hi Dane,
In April we should have our first batch of XT75's from Jurgens in South Africa. It is the new entry level but extremely robust expedition trailer from the 60yr old company.
The XT75 comes in at around 800lbs with all accessories and has a braked axle, half roof rack and can accommodate 37" tires. We'll even be spec'cing it with a Howling Moon roof top tent and the whole lot will be priced around $6,500! You can't beat a deal like that. And there are all sorts of accessories and upgrades ranging from propane tank brackets to water tanks etc.
Give us a call and i'd be happy to tell you more, while we get our site updated.


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wow that Jurgens setup sounds nice, and I have always liked the South African trailers as they have been at it the longest