Compact, non-cast-iron frying pan and dutch oven?

I am curious as to where you bought the Magma set? Mine seemed well packaged with no chips etc.

I would definately contact the seller as that is unacceptable in my book.
I bought it from Not sure of the specific seller. Unacceptable - yes. But, I'm in Canada and picked the item up from the US, so there's a lot of hassle involved with trying to return/replace this item.
I know it isn't cheap, and I know you said no cast iron, but the Snow Peak Cast Iron Duo Cooker is really, really nice. It nests together nicely, the plates can be used as skillets or lids, and is really well thought out. Good for two people...

I think your aversion to cast iron lies in it's upkeep. But the SP cast iron is coated with some sort of super whammidyne stuff that doesn't seem to need seasoning much. We've only used our set a few times, but it's bizarre how it's held up with normal care. And I have most of the SP cast iron line.

I got it for a heck of a lot less when REI carried it ($170, IIRC)...