Concealed Carry - What Have You Got?


I'm curious who here carries concealed and with what fun and setup. I'm always interested in what people are doing, usually because they're doing it better than me :)

I'll start it off...

New setup as of a month or two ago (which should explain why this is on my mind...)

Glock 43 with a +2 baseplate. Carried either in a Kingtuk IWB holster or a Lone Predator OWB kydex holster. Slick little gun, it replaced a XDs I'd been carrying in a similar setup for a few years. 147 grain Ranger HPs.

I still will carry a J-frame in an ankle holster now and again too, I used to carry it as a backup on duty until some policy changes eliminated that option. 129 grain hydrashoks

Anybody else running a Glock 43? I only have +/- 500 rounds through mine, but it seems like it's a champ.


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I have heard many good things about the 43 and will probably grab one some day. For now I am limited to carrying what I am issued so I rotate between a 22, 27 or S&W 640-1. Mission/situation depending. Holsters are either a Galco Yaqui slide, Contact!Concealment OWB, or a Galco ankle glove. Spare reload or two depending.

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I carry a 43 in an Alien Gear Tuck 2.0 or a De Santis Mini Scabbard with Taran Tactical +1 base, or a custom G19 in a custom leather IWB, depending on apparel for the day. Ammo is Speer Gold Dot 124 (agency issued). I used to carry a Sig 938 Extreme, and then an XDS 9, but I have always been partial to Glocks, so as soon as I could get by hands on a 43, there was no going back.

My duty weapon is a Sig 226R in 40, but its too big and heavy for off duty carry. First of the year we are supposed to switch to the Sig 320.

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I carry an M&P 9c with Sig V-Crown 124gr in a Hidden Hybrid IWB/OWB, mostly on IWB. As the weather turns, I'll be converting back to more OWB with a jacket as concealment and then back again in the spring.

Wife carries and XDS-9 4.0" in a CC purse, I have no idea what brand or model purse. I guess I'm proud of both of those facts (the carrying and the not knowing). LOL
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More people with the g43 huh? Glad to hear people are enjoying them.

I have a g26 and g30, but I'm a skinny guy and they can be (mostly the 30) a little tough to conceal in light clothing. I was strongly considering a g42 until I realized the g43 existed the other night.
I don't really want to spend the money on another new pistol at the moment, but I really like both the 26 and 30 too much to get rid of one of them. My wife likes the g26 and I love shooting the g30. I prefer carrying the g30 when I'm out in the mountains and stuff, either under a jacket or open in a kydex retention holster, otherwise it is relatively difficult for me to conceal and requires bigger pants.

I prefer to carry inside the waistband, but since I'm now often carrying around my toddler I worry about my shirt riding up. Still trying to make a decision about a new pistol and how I'm going to carry it. Currently I'm leaning toward the g43 and crossbreed minituck. I don't mind carrying on my ankle but it's only been comfortable with boots to strap the holster over, at least the ankle holsters I've owned.
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I carry the G42 in my front pocket of my jeans, I think it an UncleBuck holster? I used to carry a 1911 but basically never did because it was so uncomfortable.


Sig239 in 40, either right hand OWB in a custom by Ryan Grizzle. OWB, left side in a Mitch Rosen. I never carry IWB anymore, just hang my shirt out and go. I'll be going to a smaller, pocket pistol this fall, not sure what, yet.


40 cal Walther P-99 sub compact in a generic IWB for moderate weather.

40 cal Walther P-99 full size in a kydex OWB for cold weather and in the woods.

Keltec Pf-9 IWB via the pocket clip or in cargo shorts pocket for warm weather

Keltec Pf-9 IWB via tuckable holster for dressing up(no jacket).

Shoulder holster for the Sub-Compact Walther if wearing a Jacket.


Summertime is a glock 43 in a bladetech aiwb.
Sometimes in the fall/winter I carry a 19 in a bladetech iwb, or serpa own.
When I am feeling it I carry a 17 with a surefire x300 ultra in a bravo concealment owb.

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Most of the time I carry a Sig 938 IWB, I find it the easiest in the Texas heat. Once it cools down I tend to carry a Springfield EMP owb and covered with a shirt. Open carry starts here in January although I doubt I will ever do it but it gives me more holster options while still covered up.

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