Conqueror Conquest Battery Charger Issues


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Know anyone with a Diesel 109?

Not quite a 109 but I saw a diesel G-wagon yesterday in the woods on fs-42...
And a rally-looking older BMW 3 series that was moving at a good clip. Fresh air ports on the roof and everything.


D: Sorry for the delayed response, I'll get you a list of what I used; wired up the GFCI this past weekend, nice to plug in the trailer, have 120V, and not have have to use an inverter or generator...

I did sell my G4, worked out pretty well, but I have to admit I do miss it. Finding my next favorite Rover now...:elkgrin: Know anyone with a Diesel 109?

How about a (turbo) diesel 109 Dormobile? :D


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I pulled the ancient charger and all the breakers. I installed a marine charger, marine fuse panel, and an outdoor A/C outlet attached to the shore power.
Everything is humming along fine again.

But I have to keep an eye on my battery. It depleted pretty quickly during our last couple of outings.


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Everything is going good so far. I hope I removed the correct items. I pulled out the heavy transformer, and the old charger system. I am just waiting for my new charger to come it. I went with a xantrex charger, it shoudl hopefully be simple to wire in. I am going to go ahead and just keep the existing breakers. I will take some photos and post them when I am done.