Cooking flank steak w/ chimichurri sauce outdoors #showusyoursteak

Hello blade aficionados. There's a video challenge going on YouTube where people are invited to cook a steak outdoors and talk about men's mental health and bring more awareness to the issue. A staggering amount of total suicides are men, it's 70 to 80 percent. A YouTube Channel name HAZE Outdoors started this challenge and I just made a video for it.

In the video I use a knife from Nordsmith Knives. It's designed by David Anderson who is a contributing writing for the website- The Truth About Knives. It's a camp knife with influences from different the camp knives out there: the nessmuck, butchers knife, and Hudson Bay pattern.

The chimichurri sauce is from Argentina and I was introduced to it in a little Argentinian restaurant in Tulum mexico. It's ingredients: parsley, garlic, red pepper flakes, oregano, red wine vinegar, olive oil, and salt and pepper.



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just about the only piece of meat my grandfather allowed to be omitted when processing a beef was the flank steak

when it did get processed/packaged we used it for catfish bait because it wouldn't fall off the hook

i first saw it cooked and actually ate it in the early 90's when my friends cooked it out on the bank of Elephant Butte Lake in southern New Mexico

this was also my intro to El Disco(the Mexican Wok made from a plow disc w/ horse shoes for handles)

the guys set up 3 rocks w a pucker bush root cat fire inside and El Disco balanced on the rocks

the flank steak was cut in narrow strips and chopped in about 3"-5" lengths

it was cooked in water and the only seasoning(that i could identify) was fresh ground red chili powder

cooked slowly FOR A WHILE...

the result could be cut w/ a plastic picnic fork

"i was told" that the dish we refer to as "fajita" is simply the name for flank meat(chickens don't have flank meat)

the process of cooking in water w/ chili powder does a fine job of tenderizing when simmered for a while

i'm betting the added ingredients in the Chimichurri Sauce would enhance the ultimate flavor in a delightful manner ;-)

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I'll need try cooking it like that! I'm trying to find the skirt steak, from what I hear the sauce would taste great on it. Thanks for sharing your experience with this cut of meat. I'll definitely give it a shot