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no way at that price. He REALLY wants that motorcycle....I know Samurai's have a cult following, but really?

Scenic WonderRunner

no way at that price. He REALLY wants that motorcycle....I know Samurai's have a cult following, but really?
I agree. I've been looking for one. But they all seem to think the little Samurai's are made of gold! They are forgetting that these are 20+ year old vehicles. I don't even want a "Built" one...and you normally lose on that anyway.

I would be willing to pay $2,000 max for a clean, stock, low mile Samurai. A lot of them were towed behind RV's in the good old days. I want one of Those!:costumed-smiley-007

Now just where is my good old days Samurai smiley when I need him>?!!


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Saw this on my local San Diego Craigslist and thought I would throw it out there for discussion, because it's fun to dream.

This ad will self distruct in 7 days.

34' Sailboat - $4500 (Mission Bay)

This is a custom build from 1967. The hull has recently been re-glassed over wood and is extremely watertight. There are brand new, extremely comfortable, custom cushions in the v-berth which cost more than $1000. There is an inboard 20+ hp diesel engine which needs to be installed and is worth the price of the boat. Admittedly, the boat needs work, but I have put some time and money into it and it is a steal at this price. I have recently purchased a new boat and need to sell ASAP. Any reasonable offer will be considered, first come, first serve. The slip may be transferrable also.

Location: Mission Bay


Wouldn't it be fun to find a great deal like this and get 4 or more guys together as a partnership/ownership.

Just 4 guys, $1,000 each to buy the boat.

Marine slip $200 divided by 4= $50 bucks per month.

Plus a maintenance account to be determined.

Just thinking out loud, and fun to dream.

ExPo Parties by the Bay!:sombrero:

This would be killer…….. I'd live on a boat! Dry dock it on a giant pile of sand, next to my shop where I live under all my other projects! Very tempting!!!!!!