Cool sighting in Moab this AM; BJ75?


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Yeah, no 3B engines in Troopies. Lugueto is correct on the HJ. And very correct on the “nice truck” part.
Pretty sure a local guy where I am at has a BJ75 Troopy. It now has a 14BT in it but like I say, pretty sure it is a BJ75. SWB and MWB 70's got the 3B so why not a Troopy.

There are lots of BJ75's in truck and troop carrier format. Theres a guy that lives 5 minutes away from me with one and it makes my HZJ77 pre turbo seem like a rocket. Most went to LHD countries while Australia got HJ75's.

Based on it being RHD, has a diesel badge, and is white I'd suspect its from Australia and is a HJ75.