COOPER DISCOVERER. I wasted $10 000.00 because I listened to my wife.

Trying to save money when it comes to safety of yourself, family and others is never tolerated. Glad the universe decided to help you correct your course.
Sometimes wives are intolerable, but only very for very short, adorable periods! The tires still had plenty of tread which fueled her argument. My argument was that the tires had already done 50 000 miles over terrible roads in Africa (in Mozambique they were slammed daily on the sharp edges of thousands of potholes) and South America and that the integrity of the sidewalls was questionable. School fees.
First mistake was letting her pout and making you stand down on such an obvious safety issue. Sometimes you literally have to tell them to curb it and do what you know is right. Lord knows I have had to do that to my wife on more than a few occasions.

There is a time to listen and a time to just do.
The arrangement when on the road traveling that my wife and I have is pretty simple.

The short end of it...

She has her domains. But one of mine is the vehicle and all the systems involved.