COOPER DISCOVERER : Taking a trip across U.S. with my Montero


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My submission for the Cooper Tire Contest:

Hello, my name is Toua Herr. I am currently residing in Fresno, CA. My occupation is a full time Tattoo Artist.

Ever since I was a kid, I envy all the other kids that got to travel with their parents. So I dream of doing travels when I grow up. Now at age 36, my career as a Artist has been successful and able me to take off and do travels.

I got my first taste of traveling last summer when I took off for 5 months on a solo motorcycle trip all over the U.S. It taught me many things and help showed me that the world is not so scary after all. So many friendly people and so many beautiful things on the road. 5 months wasn't enough.

Here is a photo of my motorcycle and what I was lugging around from state to state. I did camping majority of the way avoiding hotels.



Now this year, I want to do another trip across the U.S. But this time I want to take dirt roads and challenge myself more.

First thing I did was start looking for a 4wd vehicle that was between $2000-$3500. I really wanted a 4 runner but nothing was available at that price level. It was either too junky or above my budget. So I began to research about 4wd vehicles. After countless hours reading online forums and other option was a Montero or a Jeep.

Back at it again, I spent hours on craigslist and finally found a montero for sale within my budget. It was listed $3500 but managed to purchase it for $3200. Picked it up in Merced, CA.


First thing I did was to get rid of those horrible 22" inch rims!



Then I started blacking out some chrome stuff around the vehicle



Next I started building the Rack. Since I am working on a budget...I took a smaller rack and just extend it.





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After some modification, I took it out to Yosemite and did some snow driving. The AT tires handled pretty well.


Next thing was the awning. Ordered it from Ebay from a company located in San Francisco, CA.


Picked up 2 jerry cans from Harbor freight



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Ordered in the Pajero snorkel...came from china. Took only 4 days with free shipping.


Now I am preparing to leave Fresno, CA next week. The journey will start. This will be my first journey...testing myself and the vehicle. By using this experience, I hope next year I would be able to travel overland into other countries.

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4 more days till i start the journey.

instead of printing the coopertires flag, i had the decals made at my friend's shop. That way its easier to take photos of location and still have the logo present...since i am doing this as a solo trip.



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I have been on the road for about 9000 miles or so today.

i had traveled through California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and now resting up in the Upper Peninsula, Michigan tonight as I type this blog.

Before I left Fresno, CA... My snorkel came in and I took a day off to install it.