COOPER DISCOVERER - Trying to enter the Maze of Canyonlands ending in failure

Looks like it was still a great trip. Getting to the maze is on my list.

Might look into the Cooper st maxx. Very tough tire with an aggressive AT tread. My favorite tire of all time. My bro is on his 3rd set with TONS of off-road abuse.
Not trying to thread jack or turn it into a tire discussion but here's one on my Cruiser at 12 psi climbing up a side hill. No damage afterwards.

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I always used to run BFP A/T KO and loved them but I'm definitely open to some alternatives, those were always so expensive. Also with Cooper Tire sponsoring the site checking what good options they have.

For now I have the lifetime protection on these Goodyears through Discount Tire, so when I revisit the Maze if I blow another tire at least I know it's a free replacement. They have a future of more rock ledges ahead of them, I'll see if this was a fluke or if it's just like the Jeep forums are seeing.
Part of being a responsible off roader is knowing when to stop. There's no point in beating your self and your Jeep up to be able to say you did that trail. I've been running this 3B for over 30 years and have never even had a flat tire on a trail. You may think I don't use it. I'm the person that people call to winch them out of the hole they are in.
Just be sane and things work better.