COOPER DISCOVERER - what is an adventure

The instructions seem so simple: write an adventure story. But how does one determine an adventure. The nature of this forum would suggest it would be blasting along the Sahara or the outback of Australia, but let's face it, not many of us have that ability/time/finances/chance to break free from life/etc. Next, I would think along the lines of the five day wheeling trip to Cruiserfest that I've done the last couple years, but I'm reminded that my quick 'go map a trail in a couple hours' trip turned into more of an adventure when we fought to get up a snow covered hill only to have one rig split a ring gear and shoot it through the back of the rear axle housing of his Tacoma and then find we had to turn around and go back out the slick as pigsnot, iced up way we came because there was no way in Hades we were going to make it out the last half a mile. And yes, that run on sentence took far less time than the four and half hours it took us to get six rigs to the top of that ice and snow covered 1/4 mile long hill.

a few pictures from a fairly trouble free Denver expedition to Cruiserfest 2015
last two are the longest short hill climb I've ever done - Fern Creek Road in the Rampart Range area of Colorado


Is an adventure my oddly relaxing nine day long trip along the Mormon/California trails in Wyoming, wheeling with my rig loaded up with fuel, food and beverages to survive comfortably for days on end and enjoying the company of my friends in some of the worst of weather, or is it the one day trail run on a sunny t-shirt kind of day where someone's carb post-fired and went up in flames and melted the carb spacer requiring us to make up a new spacer using a multi tool, three Pepsi cans and some duct tape so he could make it off the trail but only after attempting to winch him over the rock behind him, that instead resulted in his rear diff rolling onto the rock and wedging enough to force the rock to roll backwards with the rig instead of allowing the buggy to just slide off?

lined up looking over the land
a calm morning in killpecker
a not so calm evening
the storm in full force, winds at 94mph with gusts to 120
rolling into another storm
making use of everyones extinguishers
a new spacer in the making
i've never seen a rock roll under a diff until this. we ended up having to winch the rock out from under the rig to keep the rig from coming down on the pinion flange


Or is it a combination where you head out loaded full of gear for a week of wheeling and partway through the trip, someone says they are hearing a funny clunk. A closer inspection shows the rotten frame under a midwestern FJ60 has decided to free the front hanger of the rear leaf springs from it's home riveted to the frame, and the axle has shifted backwards until the tire was rubbing the rear of the fenderwell in the minorest of bumps. It was a trip where some of us had known each other for years and some we'd never met before, but in that instance, we molded into a professional pit crew with some of us pulling batterys and cleaning the frame for battery welding while others went down the trail to clean downed trees, find a campsite and get dinner going.

it started with meeting one guy while he pulled apart his front end to get his condenser out in an attempt to cure an overheating isssue, but it wasn't enough and he wheeled much of the trip with his hood on the roof
coming down red cone
much of the trip was just beautiful
we even had a newbie to wheeling in a stockish locked 100 series, running boards and all
pearl pass, where the offending spring hanger was discovered
well, there's your problem.
surprised it even held on this long
but we'd be back together again, frame welded up, in time for the kokopelli
but he left the truck on the side while we played on the dunes
long distance travel


Or, maybe an adventure is visiting Moab in the off season for a three day New Years trip and finding out what slickrock is like with a covering of champagne powder. Either way, I've had so many that I find it hard to choose just one, so i'll choose a bunch for you to read, while I just get the heck out of the city.

the scenery is almost better under a slight blanket of snow
making an 80 look small
can you find a better background?
wheeling moab in snow chains