Cooper ST Maxx


I couldn't think of a time when, for my application, the STMaxx offered an advantage over other premium LT rated all-terrain tires I've used. I'd possibly consider them for a vehicle being used in an agricultural or survey context or perhaps a developing nation where half or more of their total life would be spent on dirt or very badly deteriorated roads, owing mostly to their admirable resistance to chipping and cutting and their above average tendency to find braking traction on difficult surfaces.

In North America (non-agriculture/survey/construction) where most miles are necessarily highway miles I don't think their inferior dry road braking confidence or constant noise are ideal when we have so many other excellent options in the market.


That sounds like a great deal!

The three-ply side walls of the Coopers are burly.
If I recall correctly, Goodyear stopped making the DuraTrac with a three-ply side wall.
Two-ply sides just don't cut it IMO.