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Hi Everyone,

Your welcome too our adventure wrap-up and I hope that you have enjoyed all of my Copper Canyon stories. These are the prospective of mine and not necessarily of the others. The way I see things may not be the same way people see the same thing. I have tried to make the experience show the whole picture, with a lighter side. I also want to let everyone know that it is not all cookies and ice cream as well.

This adventure was very emotional adventure for myself. With the years of exploring, studying, leading people into this place of wonder knowing that it would some day need to come to a end for me. That was just off in the future and not that day. When I did this with my business it was always a great adventure for me as it was for the clients who generally became my friends. I could share this wonderful place with them. I knew that I would be back again in weeks, months or the following year, it is like going to a great office career to work but knowing that you would be back home with your family that evening. When you give your all to any place, it gives back so much more!

Even knowing that some day that it had to come to a end, it was some time in the distance future ..... Well now this is the time! This 2018 was the last group adventure for Copper Canyon for me and that changes things. I have decided to end the Copper Canyon adventures and I have to face it. There will not be a tomorrow for my friend Copper Canyon.

The reasons are more then just one reason. I think that posting some of this information some people can have a opportunity to learn from this.

First I am getting OLD! Old is not bad as it has many new experiences and changes. I was no different then most people when growing up. I have thought that when looking at and listening to OLD people, they did not know that much. (When I was 10 Years old, OLD was 25 Y.O., Then when I was 21 Y.O it was 40 Y.O. and when I was 35 Y.O. it was 70 Y.O.). Well now at 69 years old ..... I realize that maybe they did know a lot more then I did when I was younger then them. What ever your age listen and you will learn from the OLD people! You may not always understand at the moment, BUT, some day you will!

Second is that putting together a event is more work then just what you see on the surface. I know this from many of the comments that have been posted on the form and others as well. You talk to people and many think that this just happens on it’s own. Well it dose not! Disneyland, “Happiest place on Earth” did not just happen there is constant work behind the scenes to make it the “Happiest place on Earth”!

So if you join a group appreciate the work that the person(s) put in to leading and putting together the adventure, trip or expedition. There is more behind the scenes then what you see. The better the leader is the less it will look like work. (I am not referring to you and a couple of friends going out for a weekend 4-wheeling, hiking or biking.)

Is Disneyland the “Happiest place on Earth”? It is a wonderful place for sure! BUT the true “Happiest place on Earth” is within you! “You make your world”!

Thank You!, Sierra Madre, Barrancas del Cobre, my wife, friends, past clients and the people of Mexico! You will always live on in my memories. The adventure will not end! It is up to you to keep it going and find your own memories.

For everyone, may your “Happiest place on Earth” be with you every day!

Da Frenchman
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Ace Brown

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After that post I had to give da Frenchman a call. I really thanked him for all he has done for the 4x4 community for all these years. Also all his humorous trip reports and other threads which I enjoy reading.

I feel fortunate to have been included in one of his last Copper Canyon trips in 2015. So I can sympathize with his sadness in saying goodbye to his beloved Copper Canyon.

Of course I also fully understand his discussion of the old guy perspective. I’m there and then some!


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Frenchie it was a real pleasure to do Copper Canyon in 2016 it was my first trip to Mexico and very memorable I will always remember the great time we all had and the pleasure of your company.