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I am considering picking up a few cots to use in place of a large sleeping pad and/or inflatable mattress in the OZ Tent. What works, what doesn't, which brands/makes hold up well and are some more compact when stored than others? I'll only be using these with truck which has an 8ft bed so space is available but I'd still prefer to keep things light and compact if possible without compromise in terms of comfort and durability.


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I haven't spent much time in it yet, but I recently got a Roll-a-cot.
It's the most comfortable cot I've used, it has a bit of tension adjustment to make it firmer/flatter or have more side to side sag too if you want.
The model I ordered has a sleeve for a pad as well.
I also ordered a custom mattress for mine from The Foam Factory for a goofy winter camping project I'm working on.


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Another vote for Roll-a-cot. They are aluminum, so they are light weight, but also very durable. I bought 3 for the family over a decade ago, and after using them multiple times every year, they look almost brand new.


I have cots that are that standard military cot design. Cheap and pack down reasonably well and comfortable with a pad.


I have cots. They keep me off the ground. I also have Korean War era stretchers that will work well with a pad as do all the other cots.


Can any of these work without the legs, suspended from some sort of "shelf framing"

Rather, I realize likely any can

but do any particularly lend themselves to being adapted that way.

Keeping the original use case as well, perhaps just depending on the weather, or how much of the fam is along this trip...


I think the best cot for the money is is the Camptime Roll-a-Cot. I would avoid the narrowest model as it doesn't fit a standard mattress very well---the mattress needs to fit between the rails, not on top of the rails, so you lose a couple of inches on each side of the cot for the rails.

The best high end cot is the Helinox Cot One Convertible, if you're willing to spend the money. You can use it at a height of either 6" or 15".

I have both of these cots and I usually use the Helinox because it's lighter, rolls up into a smaller bundle, and it's easier to assemble. But honestly the Roll-a-Cot is a great, sturdy product at an affordable price.

In the last two years Chinese companies have come out with several Helinox knockoffs at far lower prices. I was just noticing one by "Welodorir" on Amazon the other day, which also has a choice of two heights. (Are we no longer allowed to include Amazon links? Doesn't seem to be working)

I think this Welodorir cot looks pretty interesting. The quality usually comes down to whether the connection points (how the legs are connected to the hub) are going to hold up with your weight and tossing and turning. That depends on the quality of the plastic and the design of the hub. Helinox is particularly good at designing solid connector hubs for its chairs and cots. Helinox uses DAC aluminum and the Welodorir uses 7075 aluminum. Supposedly the Welodorir supports 350 lbs. Looks like a good contender for a cheap knockoff of Helinox. I would love to try it myself.
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For me, it's DiscoBed all the way. I've never owned (or seen) such a solidly engineered breakdown cot.
You can get a single, or a double (bunk-bed). Built so well it'll easily go to your grandkids!



Just be sure the cot is long enough for your height.
Im 6’ 3” and had to go with any oversize cot to get the extra length I needed.

Im using a discontinued LL Bean model. I like it.
Really liked the discounted price but I have no idea who made it for them