Could These Guys Really Be the Next Serious Contender for Electric 4WD Trucks?


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The New Lordstown Motors Electric Truck Could Be Your Next Truck....if you are waiting a few years to buy.

Introducing the Endurance, the newest entry into the U.S. Electric Truck market

“The Endurance will match, even outperform, a traditional gasoline pickup in every way.

"We expect it to be extremely rough and rugged, but it’s silent and fast. It’s strong enough to tow, but if you’re not towing it’s very fast," Burns said, adding it can go from zero to 60 mph in 5.5 seconds.

And it can get out of a jam, such as the mud, because it has a precise, computer-controlled motor built into each wheel. The software slows down the wheels, preventing slippage, giving the vehicle better traction than a traditional pickup, Burns said.

The Endurance, built using components licensed from electric-truck maker Workhorse near Cincinnati, is priced at $52,500 and it's eligible for the $7,500 instant tax rebate. The Ford F-150 and Chevy Silverado both start around $28,500 and can go up to $55,000 or more for top trim levels.

But with the Endurance...there are no gasoline costs, in fact it is the equivalent to 75 miles per gallon. It is almost maintenance-free, too, with no big engine or moving parts to break on it.

It is a light-weight, all-wheel-drive vehicle. Four in-wheel computerized motors propel it. If a front right in-wheel motor malfunctions, the front left wheel's motor will turn off automatically, allowing the driver to get home using rear-wheel drive...”




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It looks like a Mitsubishi Raider and a Chevy had intercourse.

I don't put much thought into these electric off road trucks until I see one in person and can touch and drive it.

100% for these trucks- I just want to see them get past the development stage and start production.

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I feel a lot of echoes of Preston Tucker in many of these proposed truck makers. They know there is a market there, but can’t quite financially reach it as a startup from zero.


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One based on a F-550 and heavy duty enough to take a significant payload.
And it has to be able to travel 500 miles without needing recharged with that load.
and on and on.


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It looks like a Mitsubishi Raider and a Chevy had intercourse
Don’t know about you guys fantasizing about inanimate mechanical things having sex...but for those of you who do,
you might enjoy viewing this appropriately named Two Trucks Having Sex youtube video 😎

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I personally believe that many people have ideas, but as SDDriver5 is saying is get it past the development stage and show me the goods. Will the vehicle work in the real world?

They do not appeal to the American way of driving. That is we get in our vehicle and go across the country (sea to sea). We will call it 3,000 miles and not a couple of hundred miles as some countries are from one side to the other. In my travels I do 700 to 800 miles in a day driving.

Maybe some day in the future we may not have a choice what we can power our vehicles with.

I saw one of the funniest sites for my first time out in a month to Costco (senior shopping hour). I saw a smart car parked next to me, when I came out of Costco. I knew right away that this person who was driving the smart car, wasn't that smart or had never been to Costco. I can say this because I am a Costcoaholoic! If this person bought a package of paper towels and a hot dog he would have to leave the paper towels behind until he finished his hot dog. Just saying!

The good thing is the smart car gets good mileage, because they will need 10 trips to get what I get in my one load.

There is a place for these short range vehicles in the cities. Where they have charging stations for them after a hour commute to work and then they sit and can be charged-up.

What is great about our country is that we have the freedom to decide what will work for our needs. If you think that the new electric truck will fit your needs please get one.


That has to be the best looking electric vehicle yet, mostly because it doesn't look like an electric vehicle. Still, I would have to put some big driving lights on either side of where the grill should be so that it looked like a regular truck.


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@Frenyeah but how often do you drive those 800 miles in a day?
And with a Tesla you can already do that. Just not with a 4x4 truck yet. But when all of these will be available, with some you will be able to do it.

Next to that, since most trips are pretty short and certainly don't require 4x4, you could have a very simple electric car with little range to keep it cheap, and then have a regular 4x4 next tot it for when you need it. This is of course only relevant if it is not your work truck.