Couple of James Baroud RTT questions


Hi all,
I am in serious danger of buying a James Baroud RTT but had a couple questions.

I think from the pictures I see that there are doors on both sides of the JB tents. I am mostly just looking at the Grand Raid. Can someone confirm that there are doors on both sides? Is there a door on the back? Do all of the models have the same door configuration?

I haven't seen one close up, I understand there are plastic windows between the main body and the screen. If that is correct are the removable? How are they holding up? Do they yellow, scratch, or crease enough to be sub optimal?

Anyone with the thermal kits, are there zippers that line up with the doors and windows or...?



Hi there, I had a Grand Raid XXL and now an Evasion XXL. 3 doors. One on driver, one on passenger and one on the rear sides. Windows do not have plastic, just the tent fabric and then mesh covering the window when open. I also had the thermal kit. Was attached by Velcro and took some work but matched up to the openings.

Grand Raid
Evasion XXL



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What dpsmedic said. I've got the regular size Evasion. Same configuration with the three doors. Quality is excellent and what sold me over 'other brands' was the 360* windows (no plastic as mentioned). Love them!


There are doors on all three sides.

Not sure what you mean by "plastic windows." There are external, fabric covers, and internal mesh to protect from the bugs.

Also, make sure to review this thread to be aware of potential issues.


Thanks for the responses.

The plastic window thing came from someone who thought that there was a clear plastic window material similar to a convertible's rear window on some soft tops. Not applicible here I have learned.

Read that thread, still moving forward, thank you.

Those pictures are great. Gives a good sense of the space.

I've done it, have an Evasion on the way. Didn't think I was going this direction with my truck but the build took a left turn and soon I'll have an RTT on the Chevy Express with a nice back deck. I'll have to do a build thread at some point.

Thanks again,


Nice, congrats, I still miss my JB, have yet to find a replacement for it since I ihad all those issues, yet no other rtt tent compares . Who knows, maybe, I’ll cave and buy another and give them a shot again.