Couple pics of the truck


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David: Excellent photos. I'm more and more impressed that nearly all photos of people's rigs have a scenic backdrop. It's like some unspoken social rule: no photos of your unit in the driveway, for God's sake.

But you, SIR, pushed the envelope with these shots. And Baja there is crying about the FWC not being deployed. See the standards we have? :sombrero:

Cheers, dude.



Baja, this weekend I'll be sure to not only use it deployed, but also get some pics of it.

Mark, thanks for the comments! I'll be sure to push the envelope further this weekend.

Scott, I'll probably do an update following a short camping trip this weekend. Do the whole pictures and review thing. What I will say though is that it is great! The weight is there, sure, but that's the case with anything sitting in the back.

The functionality of it though is amazing. I have had multiple notes left on my truck of fellow toyota owners wondering where, when, and how I got the camper, always cool. I'm still incredibly impessed with the room on the inside of it. This last weekend I was showing some friends and there were 4 of us in there and in was actually quite comfortable. 4 people could cook up a meal, eat dinner and sleep in there without feeling very cramped (more than 3 and you do notice)

Sleeping in it is nice, esp with the heater on the cold nights. I'm going to pick up a memory foam mattress cover for the top bed because the foam is a touch on the thin and firm side, but minor problem when considering the other options one would have.

I still have yet to weigh the truck with it loaded down, problem is finding a scale to do so on.

I'm going to be doing some modifications/additions to the camper over the next couple months including a sink with 10 gallon water tank, a permanent stove, as well as some more storage for cooking stuff, and the other little goodies.

I'm also going to be starting to watch the scale for the truck because while it's nice to have all the creature comforts, it's also nice to have decent mileage and not watch the frame bend or crack. So.... I'll probably do up a big ol' post this weekend on updates, impressions, and future plans.
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Real nice! I was really checking out those campers about five years ago after seeing one in person on a Tacoma



Yeah, between your pictures, KC's pictures, both your testimonials, and my wife's expressed interest, one of these FWC's will hopefully be in my future. Your's looks great David! Please report back with deployed pictures and more reporting.


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The FWC on a white Tacoma makes for a good looking outfit. Nice to see the smokey haze in SW MT has finally cleared up and the Fall colors have started.

So the real question is, what's next? A snorkel with a built in defroster or a 9K lb snow plow? :box:


That does look nice. :) What a nice comfy place to sleep and camp. If I was rich, I would buy a second rig, a Tacoma, and set it up exactly like yours specificly for long camping trips. I really don't like sleeping in tents.....


Did you ever get the airbag thing solved?


Brian, yup, got the airbag thing solved and hopefully fixed for good.

KC, a few mods/additions on the camper here and there, a new bumper for the truck thanks to my brother, and hopefully some time soon some new gears for the truck.