Cover for trailer roof top tent


I have seen several tent trailers that have a tarp over the tent set up to shelter the area around the tent. I was wondering if somone had some input on the Type, size and amount of poles to include height that could be recomended. I have a M416 with a roof top tent. Any ideas or suggestions are welcome.
Trailer with Tent open.JPGTrailer.JPG

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Most of those tents are built with an "awning" or changing room option. I think it would be difficult to add one that didn't originally have that option. Call the tent manufacturer and see what options your tent might have available.

On another note, is that Henry's old trailer? Or did you build it? Looks great either way.


It Is Henry's. I did complete a couple of projects to it that he had on his list. And added a mount for my mini green egg to cool off of while parked.
What I am thinking that I will do is put a tarp over the tent apex and pole it at the corners for bad rains and extra shade. I got pounded on by rain labor day and don't want to have to deal with that again.


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The problem with the tarp and pole idea is...wind. I wreaks havoc with even the best tarp and pole set-up. "Ben-deir, dun'dat". After one good Eastern Oregon rain storm and the aftermath I vowed never again!
I found that a couple Texsport Spinnaker Auto shades work just fantastic. The wind doesn't affect them and offers a break from it and the rain. Tie one to the spring pole grommets to cover the ladder area of the RTT. Two offers more space under cover. Enough for a table and three or four chairs. These pack up small and are very easy to assemble.

I'll second the awning. It is a huge step forward in cover. Mine rides on the truck year round. A quick easy shade or rain cover.

The CampingLab awning is well worth adding. Throw those Spinnakers on either end and you have a nice sheltered place to sit. I carry mine in the truck now too.


Living in BC tarp's are a must have ..Some where in my web travels i came across a fellows idea for a cover. it is basically a pole system that attaches to the trailer to give you a main center ridge. ropes to the ground on the off side and adjustable poles to the RTT's entrance side. I have mine done but no pictures of it set up. here's a couple of rough paint sketch to show basic idea.


I used 1/2" square tube with 1/2" round tube to make the poles they basically plug in to each other.

I used 24' of tube to make the main frame and 18' to make 3 poles.

here it is on trailer stowed for travel.

If you want more info let me know .. the tarp used for this is 12x20