Coyote Brown T-Shirts

I know this sounds a strange request but when camping and off-roading (I guess they now call that "overlanding") up in the mountains I like to wear a subdued t-shirt. I just think it looks cool. Anyway, I need to replace my subdued t-shirts. The ones I had were Fruit-of-the-Loom but I can't seem to find any on the net. Can anyone recommend or direct me to a source of coyote brown (or close to that color) t-shirts. Thank yo.
I have several poly shirts from Cambellsville Apparel Company I like really, really well. Lightweight and shed moisture, fast drying.

Also doesn't hurt it's actual military issue and made in my home state. I'm a sucker for Kentucky products.

I got mine from an Army surplus store, and got them many years ago. I actually wanted to get more and looked them up, but, I can't find them for sale online other than this, I think it's the companies site:

Sand is the only color there, but I'm pretty sure they do Coyote Brown, or have in the past at least.


If you have access to a military PX, I get the military tee shirts in the light khaki which is almost a sand color. They are a decent weight and hold up to washing well. They are relatively inexpensive so if you ruin one it's no big deal.