CruiserFest 2014 - Thanks for a great event!


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CruiserFest 2014 was an absolute blast. We would like to thank all of the attendees and the many volunteers, vendors and staff that made it the best CruiserFest to date. It was a great opportunity getting to spend some time out on the trails with our customers and spend the day visiting at Cruiserville as well. Can't wait to see you all again at CruiserFest 2015!

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the trail rides and event, please share yours too.

Let's see your CruiserFest 2014 pics and stories.
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What a great event and picturesque state. But above all the people I met both on the trail ride and at the event are what will stay with me from this trip. We saw some beautiful array of scenery that Utah has to offer thanks to one knowledgeable and all around cool dude, Kurt our trail leader for this trip. The evenings around the campfire resolving all matters relating to business, entertainment, fauna and general chit chat were just plain fun!

Here are a few of my favourite pictures.



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Wow P! You made the trip over? very cool. Looks like a great time! I've always wanted to visit Greg's Land Cruiser collection. That would be a treat.

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I just finished going through my photos. I have several hundred! :) Uhhhh.........How many should I share?

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The photo dump is officially beginning......

Truck all packed and ready to pull out.

trailer loaded and rolling both tents since I've got the whole family with me.

dirt road into Almo, Idaho just east of City of Rocks

Dinner stop in Almo for a ribeye steak that was good but overpriced.

Almo, Idaho

Fellow cruiserheads start showing up. This is one sexy FJ60.

City of Rocks

Team City of Rocks at the Bread Loaves group site.

Little morning caffeine and we're ready to hit the road.

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Tim Elwood's superb FZJ80

Along the road toward Grouse Creek we came across this rolled Dodge Pickup that had been rolled the night before. It was a man and his wife and two kids and they were hauling a horse trailer with two horses. They were going a little fast through one of the corners and lost control of the trailer and rolled the truck and trailer and the trailer landed on top of the truck. Miraculously, none of them were seriously hurt, including the horses. Hard to believe given the condition of the truck.

Not much further we had our first (and only) breakdown of the trip. My trailer busted a spring hanger off the frame. Considering how hard I've run this trailer for the past 6 years with zero issues it was hard to complain. Used a ratchet strap to keep the axle from pushing back too far and drove another 160+ miles until we somewhere we could get it welded up. That's another reason I love leafsprings on my trailer. If this had been a trailing arm setup I'd have been screwed.

the axle was pushed back and the shackle was collapsed but wasn't hitting the fenders so this is how we ran it for almost 200 miles.

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The group made a stop at the Terrace Cemetery

Ryan Davis' daughter Hannah and my girl Zetta met for the first time on the trip and were quickly best friends.

Denver seemed to be having a good time


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We continued along the old transcontinental railroad grade and saw several old railroad trestles.

made a short stop at the ghost town of Lucin. Not much left here.

While we were stopped I noticed I'd picked up a hitchhiker. Luck was on my side and the nail only went through the tread block and didn't damage the tire.

After leaving Lucin, our next stop was the Sun Tunnels. These are considered "art" and are a set of 4 concrete culverts positioned in a specific manner. Two are placed as to be aligned with the winter solstice and the sunrise and sunset can be viewed directly through the center of those two tunnels. The other two are aligned with the summer solstice and the sunrise/sunset can be viewed the same way. There are a number of holes cut into the sides of the tunnels that frame different constellations during the solstices. Cool place.

Some of the rigs parked at the sun tunnels

Devin was having a good time

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After leaving the sun tunnels we made our way toward the Silver Island Mountains where we would camp for the night. The Donner/Reed party camped in this same area during their tragic journey. As the sun was going down it made for some spectacular scenes with the trucks kicking up dust in the waning light.


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With a decision made we were off to our campsite on the north end of the Silver Island Mountain Loop just northwest of the Bonneville Salt Flats.

every time I use my Tepui tents I'm more impressed with them. They worked out great on the trip and my whole family slept very comfortably. My wife was glad to have the RTT when she found a snake slithering around under our trailer as we cooked dinner. She hates snakes and I don't think she'd have slept had we been in a ground tent. :)

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