Cummins B3.3 Powered FJ60


Well, after spending all that time and money fixing up my engine bay, making it look new (, I heard some noises that made me wish I would have gone through and refreshed the bottom half of the engine as well (Engine was creeping up on 300k). Of course this started to happen a week before I deployed (Im a navy pilot on the USS Enterprise). Luckily the internet works on this ship (although at dial up speed) and I was able to research the engine options that ive been drooling over for awhile now. Naturally I wanted a diesel, but I wanted something economical and I didn't want to turn my truck into a monster truck with a SOA (Cummins 4bt Requirement) or order parts out of country (any Toyota diesel). I also wanted a simpler install than the international 2.8 and not have to worry about all the computers and the fact that it is used in land rovers!

After talking to John at proffitts cruisers and looking into the detailed work they've done, I decided to go with them to put a Cummins B3.3 into the 60. Reasons I went with this engine:
Economical- brand new engine is a little over 5k.
Dead Simple- Install requires minimal custom fabrication, the engine runs off 3 wires, and Is fully mechanical- No computers involved (this fits the 60 perfectly). Engine is easy to get parts for and has won multiple awards for reliability as well.
Fuel Economy- So far i on the first tank i have gotten 24 mpg. I can only imagine this will get better as the engine brakes in and i settle down driving it :).
Sustainability- this engine will run full biodiesel.
I talked to John back and fourth over email for the seven months i was out to sea. Let me just say I am a HUGE perfectionist and all the little details matter to me, so i was concerned about letting someone else work on it. However Proffitts put my worries to rest. When i got my cruiser back i felt like i had done the work myself. All the wires were hidden and neatly done, everything was routed smartly, it just looks simple and awesome. I am very impressed with the quality and attention to detail. Proffitts customer service was awesome as well, they answered all my emails and (literally) hundreds of questions every day. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

So here are some pics of the engine bay:

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Notes about the engine and install:
- Got to reuse my bj60 air cleaner which made me happy, other installs with this engine have a conical air filter on the end so at least I'm getting some cold air!
-Exhaust and intake manifold are ceramic coated black. Looks really good. Just wish i could have ceramic coated the turbo!
-Powergate solid state dual battery rectifier is installed and working awesome.
-Tons of room in the engine bay now, especially with the electric fan. The diesel runs so cool though i haven't seen it kick on yet.
-There was an electric coolant heater between the oil cooler and heater control valve, however it did not allow enough coolant flow and the heater wouldn't work... there was no hot air. So I'm entertaining the idea of a lower hose heater. Scott at Eco Offroad who also does 3.3 conversions says he runs fine without any heater in the winters. I do have an intake grid heater but a coolant heater would be nice to keep this baby running as long as possible.

-all my gauges work perfectly still.
-The diesel literally has one wire to make it run, super simple.


i know the 4bts have clearance issues, I can tell you the 3.3 does not. I have a OME light in the front and this is a shot of the clearance:

Diff Clears the oil pan without any problems.
Engine Performance:
- as said, 24 mpg on first tank. I am obviously extremely happy with that. Its about 2.5 times the mpg it was getting before. Thats with me driving it around like crazy too. With more of a break in and me driving it normally i can't wait to see how it goes.
- The engine sounds awesome. I have no sound deadening, just a linexed floor, and its not much louder than the 2F. It vibrates a bit more obviously, so i will add some sound dampening behind the dash, but the engine is on some liquid filled engine mounts so its not too bad.
- even with less HP than the 2f, there is a significant difference. It is noticeably perkier and unlike the carb drives great at every altitude. It pulls up every hill.

Some overall pics, add a leafs going in this week to fix the stink bug, also have an alloy art roof rack going on as soon as i can make it to seattle!

What a great looking conversion and a very nice FJ-60. BTW I was stationed on the Enterprise in the early 80's, after she got stuck in the mud in SF bay.


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Congratulations on your new engine, and thanks for the report and photos. I would like to put a small diesel in my 40 when (if?) the 2F ever goes. I sure hope that Proffitt's has an adapter to fit it to an H4* because I have a really nice H41 and Orion transfer case in mine now that I would not want to give up.
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I saw this one at the Cruiser Outfitters BBQ in Sandy not to long ago :bike_rider: I wish I would have had a chance to meet you. The install looked fantastic and without a doubt one of the cleanest conversions I've seen.


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I saw this one at the Cruiser Outfitters BBQ in Sandy not to long ago :bike_rider: I wish I would have had a chance to meet you. The install looked fantastic and without a doubt one of the cleanest conversions I've seen.
Ah, I just put two and two together, a very neat rig for sure :cool:


That is one nice 60! Im glad to see the 3.3 is working nicely in the 60. It is nice to see an alternative to the SOA and 4bt set up, like you said having to build a monster truck turned me off of those. I am going to have to really look in to a 3.3 now!